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Chris Trucksess

In my family are two younger brothers, Bill and Thomas, a sister Lauren, and my parents. I like to program on my computer and watch baseball games. I graduated from Swarthmore College in June of 2003 with a major in psychology. I worked for HostMySite, a web hosting company in Delaware, doing technical support. In this position I better matched technology with how people work. My plans are to move to Portland, Oregon.

Headshot of Chris

Bill, Lauren, and Chris in an auditorium
Bill, Lauren, and I sit in the auditorium to watch “Toga! Toga! Toga!” at the Ridley Middle School in 2002-03.

Chris, Lauren, Bill, and Tom in Willets
Lauren, Bill, and Tom in my Willets room sophomore year at Swarthmore.

Chris in Chester County, Pennsylvania
Chris at a Rita’s Water Ice in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

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