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Temperature graphs 1999/2000

This data came from two sources. The Mertz readings that I recorded in my journal were from my Remington clock radio. This small radio was located in my room on or near my desk. The Philadelphia readings are from the Franklin Institute and are © 1995 – 2003, The Franklin Institute Science Museum, All rights reserved.

The averages are a five-day moving average. In the cases where the time ranges do not have a history of five temperatures, the average consists of the available prior temperature points.

1999-09-21 to 1999-10-09 temperature graph
During the beginning of autumn, indoor and outdoor temperatures commingled in a somewhat comfortable range.

1999-10-17 to 1999-12-22 temperature graph
As the indoor temperature stabilized, the exterior reading became more variable and colder.

2000-01-12 to 2000-03-06 temperature graph
Below freezing temperatures in January soon gave way to a warming trend that plateaued in mid-February. Warmer weather then continued into March.

2000-01-12 to 2000-03-06 temperature graph only Mertz
Indoor daily temperatures generally increased during the winter although they remained near room temperature.

2000-03-12 to 2000-05-06 temperature graph
Large outdoor temperature swings had some effect on the inside environment.

2000-03-12 to 2000-05-06 temperature graph only Mertz
Through early May, the interior average temperature varied within a small range and then rapidly increased.

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