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Journal 1999-08

Current entries

1999-08-31, Tue (Day 4): After a breakfast with the few who like to get up early, we went to the meeting with Dean Bob Gross in LPAC. Bob is one who likes to think in tandem with the audience and his unusual flubs in his otherwise well-constructed speech seemed to reveal that conjecture. For example: violence instead of vibrant, and evening instead of morning. Everyone seemed to have run out of reserves by now (I ran out on Saturday) and JIT became even more of a necessity.

An amusing Computing Center session was in the afternoon with my and other CA groups in Beardsley. The amusement involved the hamster dance that Alan noticed on one screen and somehow replicated to all of them. I also said ‘Hi’ to Brian in the Beardsley public area as well. I took care of almost all of my course selection business in the late afternoon, but as a courtesy, I still need to pick up some more white class cards. The way my schedule looks without changes, I have no 08:30s, and Thursday has only one class (CS 21). Around 21:30, Kate the resident assistant (RA), some hallmates, and I talked about getting enough sleep, something which everyone needs now with classes just around the corner. I was able to actually be in bed around 22:00, so I was able to catch up on some sleep.

1999-08-30, Mon (Day 3): Only getting six hours of sleep actually feels better than getting eight. After a breakfast for a slow morning, things soon picked up with a succession of events throughout the day. The forty-five minute swim test that I didn’t even take was the most absurd event for me. Two faculty advisor meetings, plant pickup, and two visits to the bookstore (the second more efficient than the first) revealed a schedule that depended on Just in Time (JIT). Even as of this writing, my courses are still a half-defined cloud (E5, CS 21, Educ 14, Aqua 1, Math 6A & B, and one more PE quarter) that should work out O.K. The Internet connection in Mertz finally returned to full speed, and it is nice. All that is left is my Swat e-mail account, and that’s tomorrow.

The trust walk was nice, but I somehow ran my forehead into a table while blindfolded and crawling on the ground. The barefoot formal followed the walk, but people didn’t really show up until after 23:00. Meanwhile, I had good and funny conversation with John and Kai. The discussion ranged from political party registration (Dem, Rep, or LP) to looking at the thorn leaf plant in the Kohlberg Cosby garden to commenting on the live band’s improv twelve minute transition organ, guitar, violin song things. More returning students have come back today; their official coming back day is tomorrow.

1999-08-29, Sun (Day 2): I woke up in a sort of ambivalent dual state. While I didn’t feel so well inside, people said I looked great on the outside. Well, at least one half was good. I was to meet my CA group for brunch at 11:30, but after meeting only a third of the group inside (without the CAs) we went inside anyway. Soon after the whole (more or less) group assembled together to eat outside on the south lawn.

After brunch, the group mysteriously disassembled, only causing some to end up on the Clothier fields. People tossed around water balloons and then a water balloon fight broke out. Some of the first-years including me went to Eve’s dorm in Wharton A. We were amazed by a loft, a collapsing ball hung from the ceiling, popsicle sticks consisting of the rainbow colors and Sesame Street, Animaniacs music, and Spacehog’s “Alien Resident.”

The engineering meeting was in the afternoon followed by an info session by the Student Employment Office (SEO). The Internet is still so slow that it is unusable and the problem should be fixed by tomorrow (hopefully). First Collection was at dusk with candle lighting.

1999-08-28, Sat (Day 1): Arrived at Swat at about 09:00, unloaded everything into Mertz 260. Dad and I went to the bookstore in Clothier to pick up the pre-order stuff, including the refrigerator. We were given a v-shaped bookcart to transport the fridge, fan, and one of the lamps. The stuff fell off several times since the cart is intended to carry books — not bulky boxes. After the stuff was dropped off (except the mirror), I went to the Service Building to figure out where my room key was. After some searching, facilities ended up making a new record for me and I received my key.

The afternoon was a succession of good activities including meeting my roommate Luke, a welcoming, meeting our CA (Campus Advisor) groups, and having dinner with those present in Mertz 2nd north. The night finished out with ice cream and bingo on the patio followed later by a card game. My confusion of the rules caused some problems.

In general, the first day was very exhausting, but was interesting. My litany of boxes that I brought (around 20) caused confusion in locating several items including cups, speaker wire, and other things that I knew I brought with me. Even though I was prepared, I wasn’t organized enough to find things quickly.

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