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Journal 2000-11

Current entries

2000-11-30, Thu (Day 300, temperature at 08:21: 29.1°C, difference: +0.5°C): Since I forgot, I’m writing this on Saturday afternoon. The two things I did today were put up The Phoenix online edition in the late morning and sleep in the afternoon. I also had a Phoenix editorial board meeting at night, which are weekly on Thursdays.

2000-11-29, Wed (Day 299, temperature at 07:34: 28.6°C, difference: +0.2°C): Today in set design our class did set work in the Frear Theatre.

2000-11-28, Tue (Day 298, temperature at 07:34: 28.4°C, difference: -0.3°C): I attended the résumé blitz at the CP&P tonight at around dinner.

2000-11-27, Mon (Day 297, temperature at 07:40: 28.7°C, difference: +0.4°C): Today ran smoothly overall even though there were quite a few unexpected happenings. In the early afternoon I put up holiday lights and then I worked on Phoenix Online.

2000-11-22, Wed (Day 296, temperature at 10:22: 28.3°C, difference: -0.3°C): I dreamed that I was driving around Philadelphia without a license. I remember being in West Philly and Southwest Center City. I was not very familiar with road handling and at one point I almost crashed into the corner of a wall but I took a sharp turn at the last minute. Now I am on a school track team and after a race I was told that I needed to race at the Center Area or some sort of center designation. I went to the Center Arena, which had a track and looked a little like University of Pennsylvania’s Franklin Field.

In my dream I sat down near the area of the track where it breaks from the oval — probably thinking the race would start there. However, I was sitting in the inner area for a few minutes and then I turned around and the runners were taking their marks. So even though I was in the right place, I was on the opposite side of the field so I would have been too late to make the race. The race starts and after it finishes I join the group. The older coach is checking names and when he gets to me he pauses and I tell him about what happened. Someone tells me that I would’ve won. We go to the lunch table just outside the arena and this time my plate is smaller but I still get a burger even though it leads to more trouble putting my plate together.

I think I had this dream since I filled out an athletics survey yesterday night and had a cheeseburger a couple of days ago.

I left for home at around dinner.

2000-11-21, Tue (Day 295, temperature at 07:56: 28.6°C, difference: -0.1°C): I don’t have class tomorrow for various reasons so today was my last day of class before Thanksgiving break. I cut the number of reminder folders on my desktop in half and got a lot of things done this afternoon and evening. I also met Jen in CP&P at 15:00 to continue my career search.

2000-11-20, Mon (Day 294, temperature at 07:33: 28.7°C, difference: +0.2°C): I went to the gym today, something I hadn’t done in about a week. I met with my advisor Nelson this afternoon to go over academic plans. I spent the remainder of the afternoon and evening writing my philosophy paper. John told me today that three clothes dryers are now broken and one of them broke today.

2000-11-19, Sun (Day 293, temperature at 11:08: 28.5°C, difference: +0.7°C): I worked on linguistics in the afternoon and evening. A birthday party was tonight in Hicks so I went to that.

2000-11-18, Sat (Day 292, temperature at 11:24: 27.8°C, difference: -0.5°C): I got up at 11:00 and went to brunch. I did the wash in the afternoon and read mail in the afternoon. I needed to restart my computer about six times today for various reasons. Backing up this evening was also causing trouble. I went with Jesse and Tom to Mozart’s Requiem that John performed in. The Lang Concert Hall was overflowing and as a result we didn’t get very good seats so I didn’t enjoy the performance as much because of that.

Today seemed to be mechanical failure day. The fire alarm went off at about 02:30 and took a very long time to stop since the system just seriously malfunctioned. Since the fire alarm went off, the elevator stops working so I e-mailed my RA Claire about it and facilities fixed it while I was doing the wash. However, the fifth dryer that has difficulties with the change tray completely jammed today when I went to do the third round of dark colored clothes drying. The dryer worked for my jammed run, but it no longer accepts quarters nor will it start. I told Claire about that too.

My computer was acting up throughout the day due to RealPlayer problems, backing up problems, Zip disks disappearing even when I go slower in dismissing the file sharing dialogs, and other problems. On top of that, between lunch and dinner the dish machine in Sharples broke and the silverware and dishware has been replaced with disposable materials. The system still is non-functional as of Sunday lunch.

2000-11-17, Fri (Day 291, temperature at 07:42: 28.3°C, difference: +0.1°C): I finally did my report on Lee in set design since Dan never showed up and it is Friday. In the afternoon I worked on putting art on The Phoenix Online. Jesse, John, and I saw “The Hurricane” in LPAC this evening. I thought the movie was done well.

2000-11-16, Thu (Day 290, temperature at 07:44: 28.2°C, difference: -0.1°C): I dreamed that I got a renewal Pennsylvania Green Card from the Dean’s Office in the rooms on the northwest side of east Parrish. The new card looked worse than the old, had unreadable text, and the internalized wire bar code behind my picture (like those found in store product security tags) was more visible.

My id number had changed and I think my named changed from Christopher to Chris. I also received a blue paper from the year 1956 explaining regulations. This was to supplement or supplant, I’m not sure, a similar blue document from 1934 that explained special voting regulations in Ridley Park such as the third ward would now have all ballots including absentees counted together.

I also dreamed that the Antenne Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Internet radio stream was working and I checked this afternoon and sure enough it is working now. Intuition has carried through to reality.

After taking the second psych exam of the semester, I went to Parrish Commons and had lunch with Phoenix staff, publications staff, and Laurie Garrett, an award-winning journalist. I also went to her lecture in Kirby this afternoon.

2000-11-15, Wed (Day 289, temperature at 08:30: 28.3°C, difference: +0.1°C): My presentation in set design was delayed further since Dan, who lives across the hall from me, didn’t come to class.

The evening was filled with a collection of things. I went to the social change panel in the Kohlberg Scheuer Room sponsored by Career Planning and Placement (CP&P). I found the speakers’ dialogues to be engaging and the questions were good as well.

Two hours of psych exam studying in McCabe was sandwiched between the panel and the Phoenix. I was up in the publications office with Nathan for about an hour starting at 22:30 as Nathan and I tried to get the PageMaker story pages into HTML with the scripts. I got to see firsthand how much of a pain the server is when you try to use Word on it and it only has 128 MB of RAM.

Nathan and I noticed the computers were connecting to the Milhouse server via AppleTalk and not TCP/IP. We thought it had something to do with the server although the KeyServer in Beardsley was also “down.”

I got back to Willets and after I restarted my computer I also saw that the KeyServer was down. I ended up going to bed with no TCP/IP services. AppleTalk still worked, however. So it seemed that the equipment that gives out numeric IP addresses had somehow failed for the entire campus.

2000-11-14, Tue (Day 288, temperature at 07:26: 28.2°C, difference: -0.6°C): I dreamed that I was in the middle room of Sharples since the small room was not open for seating this meal. The police were there to block the small room entrance by the drink area. I saw that the tables did have chairs with them but the tables were arranged in a continuous distorted snaking fashion closer to the window. I go to the table where Jesse, John, and Tom are. However, at this four seat table, other people have filled the table although it looked like there were four sitting at the table when in fact there were five since there were two guests (three plus two is five).

2000-11-13, Mon (Day 287, temperature at 07:36: 28.8°C, difference: +0.9°C): While I did go for my walk and had my breakfast near my normal time today, I didn’t have enough time to workout and not feel rushed afterwards. What I didn’t know is that I was the only student in set design today so my presentation on Ming Cho Lee has been postponed to Wednesday.

I worked on my psych attachment paper this afternoon. I socialized in Jesse and Tom’s room along with John in the late afternoon. I wrote the paper in the evening and then read my career planning interest inventory and personality test results late in the evening.

2000-11-12, Sun (Day 286, temperature at 08:29: 27.9°C, difference: +0.4°C): I dreamed I woke up today and the roof over the women’s bathroom outside my window is like the McCabe library roof. It starts to snow and it collects on everything including the slanted roof. I stay in bed and after a few minutes I look out the window and the whitish outside has been quickly replaced with thick ice. I have fears of power outages and also the roof collapsing into my window since the slanted part rests perpendicular to the frame of the window. I remove a corn ear from inside my window, and I try to let it fall to the ground but instead it drops in the sill of the open window below. I think that it will eventually reach the ground. Now I’m on the ground and I’m not too sure how I got directly down there. I see my Mom back up her car down the Willets path and she backs down to where I am standing over the grassy path in front of the building. We talk and I think she’s there because she likes taking her car Reggie out in the wintry weather.

Next in my dream Jesse or Tom is in the room standing by the door. Quite a few of the rooms are set diagonally with the hallway although I think the exterior wall of the building is still straight. While I was in the hallway, a short older middle-aged lady walks away from the center of the building down the hall and smiles in response to a comment I said to those around me. I overshoot my room when I am walking back and I am about to go in this room that is across from the lounge. I go back to my room, which is adjacent to the off-center room, but there is a space between the two rooms and part of the hallway extends to the outer wall and there is a window there.

Now my family is in John’s and my room and I remember my sister Lauren was there especially. I saw a bag of red and green colored munchkins that I got for my family but they weren’t eaten yet.

Today, I prepared for my report tomorrow in set design.

2000-11-11, Sat (Day 285, temperature at 10:45: 27.5°C, difference: -0.5°C): I did get up at 07:00 but this morning was different from what is typical and what has happened over the past two days.

2000-11-10, Fri (Day 284, temperature at 07:57: 28.0°C, difference: -0.8°C): This morning was another non-routine start. I started doing graphology and astrological sun-sign appearance research so I didn’t have time to go for my walk or go to the gym. I went to Sharples at 09:00, ate a large breakfast, and then went directly to class.

I still ate lunch at the same time and that was large too, so when I got back from my third glass of water I started to feel ill so I immediately went to the Sharples bathroom. I didn’t throw up but I did feel as bad if not worse than when I was overwhelmed after eating two crab cakes on --10-12, Thu. I felt somewhat better but the environment was making me sick. As soon as I went downstairs to the seating area I started to feel sick again and it was a challenge to get back to my seat, bus my tray, and exit the Sharples dining hall.

I went directly to the Willets bathroom, calmed down a little and then took a two-hour nap on my bed. I worked on various things for the rest of the day. Dinner was fine and I even got ice cream, something I normally don’t do at dinner.

My explanation for what happened is it could be connected to the déjà vu that I am still experiencing today. It seemed today that I would have déjà vu whenever I did something differently — a seeming contradiction. I am convinced the food itself was not the direct cause of my nausea. I did eat a new vegetable that I didn’t like swallowing but I didn’t have a fever when I was lying down — in fact my forehead was cool.

I was thinking about a lot of wild abstract things before the incident happened and since people can be good at reading my thoughts some sort of combination occurred that set off this runaway energy situation that led to the triggering of intense nausea.

John’s concert was tonight at 20:00 and I went with Jesse and Tom.

2000-11-09, Thu (Day 283, temperature at 07:46: 28.8°C, difference: +0.6°C): I dreamed I received as a present from my family a puzzle of two sharks.

Next, I dreamed that I was in a car and I noticed that Mom drew red marker on the tongue and heel of my white sneakers, to somehow identify them. The car’s nose was sticking out into the street while parked. For some reason as I am getting stuff in the car I am also moving it enough where I have to realign the car since the nose is sticking out into the street.

I start the engine but for some reason I take off too fast and now I am at the intersection of MacDade Blvd and Fairview Road. I start off on MacDade west going towards the Blue Route, I-476. I go through the intersection but I don’t want to go so far. I first inadvertently slalom over to the other side but a curbed median prevents me from doing this easily. I turn around and I am now on the wrong side on the west side of the intersection. I go through the intersection and then swing over to the correct direction of traffic and turn around. Now I am facing the wrong side of the road (west in the east direction) but if I turn around again, which I do, I am now facing the correct direction in the west area of the intersection, facing east. It turns out that the car was in reverse part of the time, which is why I had so many problems. The police apprehend me at this point and I am taken north on Fairview road.

The morning routine was done out of order today. Since I took a long time to write down and analyze the dream, I went to Sharples and then went to philosophy, worked on The Phoenix Online, went for my walk, and then went to psychology.

I worked on my CAD for set design in the late afternoon. Starting sometime after that point I started getting many instances of déjà vu. I got so many of them that I came up with a theory, which I told to John my roommate. As I broadcast something, someone or something is receiving it and then echoing it back to my historical area. The signal is just as strong so it seems like I experienced the event more than once. I thought of this phenomenon as a validation to make sure communication is clear. However, even though someone can echo back the same thing he can also echo back something slightly different. The mind may not notice the irregularity and accept that this made up thought actually happened since it already is in the historical record.

2000-11-08, Wed (Day 282, temperature at 07:37: 28.2°C, difference: +1.5°C): I had my last Psych 1 attachment this afternoon and afterwards I went to Trotter for a Career Planning and Placement session about summer jobs and internships. Third Wing was at 17:30 and the debate over the situation with yesterday’s presidential election was most of the discussion although the confederate flag also was argued both for and against, neither topic being official topics this week. The official topic this week was the United Nations, which was discussed periodically.

The thing with the election is Bush and Gore are very close, so close that Florida is the deciding state since there is about a 2,000 popular vote difference in the state. The outcome of Florida would influence the total electoral votes to declare either Bush or Gore the winner. Votes are being recounted although allegations of various forms of election fraud and errors are also surfacing due to the closeness of the situation.

2000-11-07, Tue (Day 281, temperature at 07:24: 26.7°C, difference: -0.4°C, Election Day): Dad picked me up before dinner so we could vote. In the late afternoon and evening I transitioned more top-level pages on The Phoenix Online to the new design.

2000-11-06, Mon (Day 280, temperature at 07:32: 27.1°C, difference: +1.9°C): Today didn’t seem like any day of the week in particular. In the evening I redesigned some top-level pages for The Phoenix Online and watched “The Photographers,” a National Geographic film in Kirby that the Photo Club showed. One interesting thing I learned is that a year goes by from a story being photographed to it actually being printed in National Geographic.

2000-11-05, Sun (Day 279, temperature at 07:52: 25.2°C, difference: -0.5°C): Today I was either sleeping or doing work. The intervals between the two things were very short as well as being longer. The work was at three locations today: my room, McCabe, and the design studio although I only slept in the former two. I went to bed early tonight and I also feel asleep from about 20:00 to 21:45 in McCabe.

2000-11-04, Sat (Day 278, temperature at 07:14: 25.7°C, difference: -3.1°C): I dreamed that I was in the student publications office with Phoenix staff members which included Brendan, Nathan, Ted, and Justin. Justin showed off the PageMaker to HTML script and Ted was browsing The Daily Gazette online, which looked like the old design of The Phoenix Online only the art takes up more of the page and completely wraps around the text. Brendan mentioned that the Gazette for some reason blended engin site code with The Phoenix Online’s old look.

While dreaming, I took tape off the Apple Multiple Scan 15 monitor that normally is at home but now it is in the office. Nathan asked me about it and I showed him the mark that masking tape left on the monitor casing when it was left on too long. On him seeing this he went around and took tape off things in the office and threw a fairly large-sized ball of tape away and Justin did the same. After this I looked out the window that leads to College Ave although in real life this window doesn’t exist and in my dream the east wing of Parrish wasn’t there. I had a clear view outside from this lower window than what exists in reality.

I read a fair amount of e-mail today, went home for Bill’s birthday, and saw the movie “Chinatown” in DuPont tonight.

2000-11-03, Fri (Day 277, temperature at 07:23: 28.8°C, difference: +0.6°C): In the early afternoon, Jesse, Tom, and I went to the Swarthmore Public Library for their book sale. I got two books while Tom got around 20.

I read “One Day at Swarthmore” on Tom’s web site after dinner and I now understand him better especially in terms of how he sees Swarthmore life.

Jesse and I went to the movie “The Shining,” which I thought was done well and much better than the made for TV version that I saw a couple of years ago.

2000-11-02, Thu (Day 276, temperature at 07:18: 28.2°C, difference: 0.0°C): The redesigned Phoenix Online was uploaded today at 10:30. That process went well although at this point I am tired after having done so much work. I did some set design drawing this afternoon and had a Phoenix meeting at night.

2000-11-01, Wed (Day 275, temperature at 07:29: 28.2°C, difference: -0.1°C): For some reason Trotter 301, the location of my linguistics class, is still in the 60°F range (15.6°C to 21.1°C) although the heat is on in other academic buildings such as McCabe and in other rooms of Trotter. The Phoenix Online redesign is almost done and the amount of automation continues to increase.

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