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Journal 2002-10

Current entries

2002-10-31, Thu (Day 712, temperature at 11:01: 20.6°C, difference: -0.2°C, Halloween): I dreamed I was at McDonald’s and some of my family got french fries right away that were good and the rest got overfried french fries after a long delay.

Today I did set my alarm to 10:00 but my desk clock was an hour behind so I got up at 11:00. I didn’t hear my watch go off at 10:00. When I didn’t hear my watch sound when my desk clock went off at 11:00 I first thought the clocks fell out of synch by a minute. I then thought that this time my clocks were set wrong. I checked my computer and confirmed the theory. I don’t know why or even remember exactly when I set my clock to the wrong time.

In Sharples I ate lunch with Renee, Cathy, Vince, and others. Following afternoon classes I walked to the Cunningham fields for the field hockey game against Gettysburg. The game went into double overtime and Gettysburg won 1-0. The game didn’t end until after 17:00 even though it started at 15:30. It got colder and darker by the end of the game.

I ate dinner with Anna, Ellie, Matt, Robyn, Toby, Carrie, Mark, David, Renee, and Kevin. I went to the student publications office for Phoenix ed board at 19:00 and soon after that I went to Olde Club for the last show of the semester at 21:00. Dopo Yume and Explosions in the Sky played. Caroline, the Olde Club director, wanted to do all of the shows now instead of having them later in the semester. I got back to Wharton at 00:00 and went to bed at 02:30.

2002-10-30, Wed (Day 711, temperature at 10:01: 20.8°C, difference: -1.1°C): I dreamed that I was going to the Ridley Park post office with Mom. The outside of the building looks the same even though there is a public entrance on Dutton St. which Mom and I use. I walked by the postmaster who was on the way out. I went upstairs with Mom to apply for a job or something. The inside of the post office is very different with three floors and a more colorful environment with green, gray, and brown coloring. The center space of the building is used as an open atrium, but it’s not clear where the mail is sorted since most of the space I saw was for offices and desks. Other customers were doing business at the other desks.

In the afternoon I continued looking for IPs from Tri-Co that I could connect to for LimeWire. Google supplied a number of addresses but none of them would connect. I walked to Clothier field to watch the women’s soccer game in the rain. To my surprise there was a game and there were people in the stands despite the weather.

E.B. and Kirstin were there but I didn’t see them on the other end of the stands until I left at halftime. When I left the game women’s soccer was up 1-0 over Haverford. The Garnet won the game 4-0. At halftime I left to go to the Cunningham field to see if the rescheduled field hockey game was taking place. The game was not going on and it has been rescheduled for Sunday.

I returned to my room to dry off and warm up. I then tried seeing if I could collect IPs via the GNetCache. I plan to have a request for the cache then spawn a return connection to the host with the Gnutella connection string. If the remote host answers the Gnutella connect request it would send back a list of IPs in the X-Try and X-Try-Ultrapeers headers. I got pieces of the code working in the late afternoon and evening but I didn’t have a final version when I went to bed after 05:00. I did have the basic structure implemented so I could look at a file to see what responses I was getting from the GNetCache connection attempts.

I did this week’s Phoenix Online with the help of Luke and Yavor. Luke finished at 20:00 for the first deadline and I finished before 01:30 for the second deadline.

2002-10-29, Tue (Day 710, temperature at 10:00: 21.9°C, difference: -0.3°C): I dreamed I was at home in the apartment parking lot. I was doing something in a large new car that the family got. I open the passenger door after having opened it before but this time a car alarm goes off. At first I thought somebody else’s alarm was sounding but then I saw the flashing light on the dash. Dad came out and shut the alarm off.

Today I continued working on the Analog Failure and Failed Referrer reports after lunch and before class, and in the early evening. I went to the Cunningham fields to see if the field hockey game was taking place in the afternoon but the rain called the game off. I find out later via e-mail that the game has been rescheduled for tomorrow. I got e-mail and Gnutella Forums caught up this evening and went to bed.

2002-10-28, Mon (Day 709, temperature at 10:01: 22.2°C, difference: -0.3°C): Five specs sat in Raff’s class today, which filled out the Pearson 115 room. I ate lunch at a large table that included Kai, Jeremy, Abram, Kevin, Danielle, and Chris. At the end of lunch I continued talking with Chris.

I started catching up with e-mail but I needed to walk into the Crum woods at 15:30 before it got too dark. I wanted to find a more direct way to walk to the Strath Haven Middle School for the Wallingford-Swarthmore school board meetings. In the Crum I was looking for a bridge across the creek or a shallow portion. I entered the Crum near the squash courts and headed south along the east bank. There were some trees fallen across the creek but they didn’t look that stable and they didn’t neatly cover both banks. I also didn’t find any shallow portions of the Crum Creek.

I got to Strath Haven Condominiums and I ended up where I would be if I took the route that went on Harvard Ave. My path through the Crum took almost twice as long to walk through compared to walking on Harvard Ave. The Crum route took longer since I was unfamiliar with that part of the woods and I branched paths a number of times to survey creek crossovers. It was almost 16:00 so I walked back to campus via Yale and Harvard Avenues so I could make the psych colloquium on childhood treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder.

In Kohlberg I got to the Scheuer Room at 16:15 and sat with John and Jesse. John took off at the end of the colloquium. Jesse later resolved to eat at Essie Mae’s to avoid the long lines of Sharples but I opted to go to Sharples anyway. So none of us ate together even though we all sat together at the colloquium. I eat dinner with Anna, Ellie, Kevin, Helaine, Vince, Cathy, and others.

I left at 19:15 to walk to the Strath Haven Middle School. I stopped in the field house to go to the bathroom. Once Avondale Road passed under the Blue Route I took a long set of stairs to Callender and Marlyn Lanes. I walked northwest along Callender Ln and turned left onto Copples Ln and continued to the middle school. I got there at the same time I did last week.

There were a lot of people in the library so I thought that some sort of special event was taking place at the meeting that would bring the community out. It turned out there was a special event but it was new staff introductions. I sat between new staff members, which was indicative of how the audience was composed. Once the staff members were introduced the library seating area cleared out for just a handful of people.

The meeting ended before 21:15 and I started walking back. Copples Ln does have a walkway on the north side of the road but it has the same pavement type as the traffic lane so it’s not really a sidewalk. At the beginning of Callender Ln Mark offers me a ride and I accept.

In Parrish I go to the publications office for mini ed board. The meeting ended before 22:30. In my room I worked on the Failure Report in Analog for this past week’s web request log. I got really tired at 23:30 so I went to take a nap until 01:00. I also reasoned that if I didn’t wake up at 01:00 and instead woke up in the morning I wouldn’t be in too much of a jam for tomorrow.

2002-10-27, Sun (Day 708, temperature at 10:00: 22.5°C, difference: +0.2°C): In the big room of Sharples I sat with Renee, Joan, and others for lunch. I did philosophy reading and went to the Clothier field behind Palmer and Pittenger to watch the men’s soccer game. The Garnet played Gettysburg and lost 2-0. Gettysburg scored the goals near the end of the game. I stayed for the whole game since it felt like old times with Ridley High School soccer. I found out after the game that Andy Hoopes is the Swarthmore soccer assistant. Hoopes worked with the goalies when I was on the Ridley soccer team.

I wrote the philosophy response e-mail after the game but before dinner. My family briefly stopped by right before dinner. After getting my questions answered by them I filled out my career services extern application online.

I went to Parrish circle a few minutes before 19:00 to take the Target shuttle. The shuttle also goes to Genuardi’s, Best Buy, and other nearby places. I got to Target a few minutes after 19:00 and asked to be picked up at 20:00. I had to move quickly to get through my list of 15 items to get. I also didn’t know where everything was in the store so I needed to read the categories for each aisle and/or look down them.

After the men’s bathroom was vandalized yesterday I made a list of things I needed to get at Target, which included toothpaste. I also bought extra amounts of certain items such as toothpaste in case more items would be taken from the bathroom. I didn’t want to cave in to the thefts so I figured I would bankrupt them or at least bankrupt myself trying to. I didn’t want to spend more than $100 and my total came to $91.10. More than a third of my bill was spent on vitamins and batteries. Buying much energy in a small space is expensive.

I checked out right at 20:00 but the shuttle didn’t pick me up until 20:18. I get back to my room and run Webinator on The Phoenix Online to get this week’s issue in the search index and fix more broken links. Then I go to the publications office from 22:00 to about 04:45. I went there to continue the list of things to do, mainly with the clients. I worked on getting two of the camera card readers as well as the office camera working with the same system configuration on the clients.

I also rearranged the keyboards and mice in the office so they were more consistent with the computers they were attached to. Testing the card readers took the most time. The SanDisk SDDR-31 didn’t like to mount cards when the card reader was already plugged in and a card was inserted after startup. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t depending on whether a card was in the reader and ejected prior to restarting the computer. The workaround if the card didn’t mount was to unplug and replug the card reader.

Back in Wharton I got to bed after 05:00 but not before 06:00. I didn’t get to the daily stuff of reading e-mail and Gnutella Forums since if I stayed up any later I would probably oversleep through my classes Monday.

2002-10-26, Sat (Day 707, temperature at 13:55: 22.3°C, difference: +1.3°C): I dreamed I was walking through the boardwalk shops on the Jersey shore. The shops were more like malls than shopping centers in that there was an enclosed space between stores. There wasn’t one big mall but a series of connected malls setup differently. I was there with my family.

Today I get up close to 14:00, get the New York Times from the bookstore and eat lunch in Sharples. The food available wasn’t that great since it is between major meals. I take a shower and then go to a meeting about the winter break extern program in Kohlberg 115 at 16:00. The meeting lasted until sometime after 16:50.

I go to the bathroom on my hall and I am surprised by seeing a toothpaste container in the sink, a soap dispenser ripped out of the wall, and the other soap dispenser soap bag spewed on the floor. The bag itself was in one of the bathroom stalls. I then noticed that my toothpaste was missing. Other people’s stuff seemed out of place or missing. I searched the rest of the bathroom including the trashcan for my toothpaste but it wasn’t there.

I talked with Julie and the rest of her quad about what happened. I searched the rest of the center section of Wharton and the courtyard for my toothpaste and it wasn’t there. There was a party going on in the courtyard by the men’s and women’s rugby teams and it was likely that somebody from there wrecked the bathroom.

Jeremy called public safety to report the vandalism and I e-mailed Ingrid, the RA. I then got dressed for the Alumni networking dinner. Before going to Clothier I printed out lists of alums from a career services e-mail in Beardsley computer lab, formerly known as Beardsley public area. The dinner started at 18:00 and lasted until 20:00. I checked in at the Clothier lobby. My name was not on the list even though I confirmed so I had to make my own nametag.

I go upstairs and attempt to figure out which table to sit at. The tables were divided by certain career types such as education, government, medicine, social service, and policy. However there wasn’t a technology table so I looked at who was at the eclectic tables. None there were that great a match for me but since there were three of those tables I was going to take the best of the group. I go to choose the best one and the table converts to an entrepreneurship table.

Due to the change, I rescan the list and go sit at the engineering table. I sit down and make a vocal entrance about what I was just doing since I was somewhat agitated. I focus my initial statement to Rich, who did a number of things such as dispute resolution. He was there with his wife, Tori. Hugh was also at the table and he did animal feed reclamation work. Ivy from the class of 2000 showed up a few minutes later and works for L-3 Communications, a defense contractor. I sat next to Betsy and Oliver.

The conversation was good although at some points it seemed that I needed to push it to hear career info that I thought would be a benefit to the table. The alums were good about keeping the conversation flowing as well.

At the end of the dinner Hugh and Rich gave out business cards. I saw that Rich works in Portland, Ore. so I talked to him briefly about that.

The rest of the evening seemed out of synch with what other people were doing in the dorm. I needed to do the laundry and read philosophy but people were getting ready for the Halloween party in Mary Lyon and making lots of noise.

I went to bed after 02:00, which would really be after 03:00 daylight time since daylight savings time ended Sunday at 02:00. It seemed funny reading Gnutella Forums at 01:59 daylight time and then when I loaded a page in standard time it said 01:01. Time went backwards.

I also noticed some daylight savings switching bugs on my computer. iDo doesn’t do tasks on the first standard hour, which is the second 01:00 hour. The DoorStop firewall monitor does not distinguish time zones so it’s hard to tell what incoming connections came in the actual past 15 minutes instead of the combined 01:00 hour.

I am not sure if this is a daylight savings bug but LimeWire stopped updating the screen on certain tabs sometime around the time switchover. The Search tab wouldn’t update the requery countdown display timers nor allow new searches to display but you still could type them in. The Monitor tab worked and so did the Library tab. The Connections tab displayed connecting messages but the same hosts stayed in that status for several minutes instead of rotating around. It seemed like no messages were being sent over my connection either although upload requests did come in.

2002-10-25, Fri (Day 706, temperature at 10:51: 21.0°C, difference: +0.6°C): Today I forgot to set my alarm from 07:00 to 10:00 so I got up at 10:48. It was too late to go immediately to my econ class but I went at the end to see what I missed.

Upon reading the e-mail from career services at 14:59 about an alum chat I remembered that I wanted to go to this event. I noticed the entry in my planner earlier this afternoon but I read it as a general lecture and not a career services event. It started in one minute so I quickly left to go to Kohlberg. The chat by Sampriti Ganguli focused heavily on consulting and not general career topics but it still was informative.

Dinner was interesting. I sat with Pooja, Mike, and Oliver. Caroline sits down later and the rest of them leave after some time. Caroline then leaves and I join Kevin, Ben, and Vince nearby. They got their LSAT scores back and some Russian vanilla vodka was present. I mixed it with Sprite. Todd joined us sometime later.

I met John and Andrew at Lang for a senior recital with Olivia Gruber and company. The concert started at 20:00 and ended before 22:00. I stop by my room afterwards to put in earplugs and then went to Olde Club. DJ Cabell, Dos Noun, and Sage Francis played in the hip-hop show. Dos Noun was in your face and Sage Francis threw you in for a jolt.

The concert ended before 01:00 but it took time to close out the day so I didn’t get to bed until after 04:00.

2002-10-24, Thu (Day 705, temperature at 07:03: 20.4°C, difference: +0.7°C): I did originally get up at 07:00 but I couldn’t fully get up so I went back to bed at 07:40. I got up at about each hour until 11:00. When I got up at 11:00 even though I finally rested enough to start the day, I didn’t have much time to revise my paper. I went directly to Beardsley public to start. I planned working until 12:00 and then eating lunch. Instead I worked until 13:00, didn’t eat lunch, and showed up slightly late to developmental psych.

Valelly gave an interesting story in poly sci today that he was on the Swarthmore borough library board a few years back when the library made a section for children. However the children in the children’s section were too noisy and annoyed the older library patrons. Irate citizens complained and voted people off the library board, tripling a meager turnout. Valelly’s term was not up for reelection then.

After class I went to Tarble to buy food, namely hard pretzels and V8 vegetable juice since I was hungry then. I went to the philosophy lecture in Papazian 324 about the disjunctive theory of knowledge. Fortunately there was food there so I ate that instead. The lecture started at 16:15 and lasted until 18:00. Only one person out of the dozen or so in total there left before the end despite the agonizing length. The content of the discussion period was good, which justified the time spent.

I got to Sharples with only about a half-hour to eat dinner. I stopped by my room afterwards for a few minutes and then went to the publications office for Phoenix ed board and day 2 of the server IP switch. I started up with the Mac OS 9.0.4 base extension set and was able to change the IP that way without freezing the computer. Then I restarted with the normal extensions on and AppleShare IP successfully took the address change.

I noticed that AppleShare over TCP got turned off probably since AppleShare took the Open Transport error yesterday into its own hands and reverted to only AppleTalk file sharing. Later in my room I also observed that Windows file sharing got turned off so I enabled that also.

I tested a mock Phoenix workflow on Scratchy with the new IP on Milhouse, the student publications server, and no problems with switching the IP occurred. I did make mistakes with the Phoenix workflow itself such as placing the story in the footer instead of its own text box, not sizing the image properly, and not remembering how to place an image. I also forgot to switch the article content to Body Text style and convert the image to CMYK.

Internet Explorer also corrupted saving a large JPEG in the contextual menu Download Link to Disk… option. The PDF script couldn’t find the image I placed even though I was doing things simply here. I needed to relink the image to get it to work.

This test workflow here shows why problems happen to The Phoenix. It is easy to forget important steps doing an issue, such as forgetting to convert an image to CMYK. Quark was not intuitive in inserting an image. While text is placed from the File menu into a text box, images are placed into an image box by pressing command-E to bring up a file selection dialog box. Double clicking on a new image box does not logically bring up a file selection dialog even though an image box is just for images so it should be well mapped to its logical operation.

I wrote a draft of yesterday’s journal entry in my room before going to pub night sometime after 21:30. I had two drinks and conversed with Kai about his medical school plans. I was floored by the cost of the process. Applications cost $150 per school and Kai is applying to about 15 schools, which is typical. No financial aid is offered and four years of med school cost $55,000 a year. The residency period is $30,000 a year for 80 hours a week. You also need to pay off your med school loans at this point. He wants to specialize in pediatrics, which has a starting salary of $80,000 a year.

At pub night I also introduced myself to Melissa, who is in my poly sci classes. Both Natty Light and Yuengling were available at pub night but the Yuengling ran out before I left sometime around 22:30. The Yuengling is stronger but I didn’t like it as much since it is slightly more bitter than Natty.

I get back to Wharton and visited Jesse since I wasn’t going to read for philosophy and I didn’t feel like doing other stuff. I watched some of the World Series. The series between Anaheim and San Francisco was tied at two before tonight’s game. San Francisco took a staggering lead later in the game and won it.

I also talked with Jesse about various things. I told him about the pressure I felt to do shopping, which is anything having to do with dating and romantic relationships.

Later, I got back to my room after 02:00 and got daily stuff such as e-mail and Gnutella Forums up to date. I got to bed after 05:00 but it didn’t seem that bad.

Today seemed particularly difficult since it didn’t have any breaks or significant gaps to it, I was recovering from sickness, and I was tired. From waking up, revising a paper, going to class, lecture, dinner, publications office, journal, pub night, hanging out with Jesse, to daily stuff the day had a continuous trend to it.

2002-10-23, Wed (Day 704, temperature at 10:02: 19.7°C, difference: +0.2°C): I ate lunch with a particularly large group which included Laurel. In the late afternoon I prepared my developmental psych research question with citations and PsycINFO search in McCabe. I ran behind even though I was working briskly. As a result I arrived up in the publications office at 17:20. Luke had started already since I called a few minutes after 17:00 and left a message for him to start while I finished up in McCabe.

Andrew wanted to switch IPs with the old and new server. Over break Andrew installed Mac OS X Server on Troy McClure. I told him if he was going to do so then right after the first or second deadlines would be the best time to switch. He wasn’t going to be in the office at 22:00 so he decided to do it now. Andrew switched Milhouse from (student-publications.swarthmore.edu) to (student-publications2.swarthmore.edu). The intermediate address,, is used by WSRN, wsrnfm.swarthmore.edu.

Upon switching the IP, Milhouse freezes and on restarting gives a –3221 error trying to start file sharing up. This error code is an Open Transport error. Opening the TCP control panel gave a different error about the preference file being in use. So network services didn’t work and we couldn’t change the IP back.

A number of minutes have gone by while Andrew and I troubleshoot. The Phoenix editor in chief gets agitated with the server being down this long. Starting up without the AppleShare IP extensions and startup items didn’t fix the problem so I told Andrew to move the existing TCP/IP preferences out and create a new one. That step worked although he used the old IP to avoid problems for now.

I only had an hour to continue revising my poly sci paper in Beardsley. I had to leave early for the 21:50 hall picture in Parrish Parlors. I went up to the office after then. The outer box of the cover page was misaligned and it took me a long time to correct it partly since I was tired by then.

I left the office at about 01:30 so even though Luke, Yavor, and I talked more and I didn’t have good productivity, things finished somewhat early. I needed to finish early though since I was planning to get up at 07:00 to finish revising my poly sci paper. I started getting tired sometime around 03:00 so I went to bed.

2002-10-22, Tue (Day 703, temperature at 10:01: 19.5°C, difference: -0.2°C): Today I woke up at 10:00 feeling that I had plenty of time to start the day. However, Audion kept hanging the computer when playing ogg files. I eventually figured out that I needed to append .ogg to the filename otherwise Audion would get confused playing the file and hang the computer.

I didn’t do reading for class this afternoon since I only needed to do it for psych and since I would be better off working on stuff due Thursday I planned on doing that. However before I did so I wanted to write yesterday’s journal entry and read Swatmail. I didn’t get to read the mail before class and I only started the journal entry.

Valelly gave us back our papers. I went to the field hockey game versus Muhlenberg, which started at 16:00. I hadn’t been to a Swarthmore athletic contest since the Homecoming 2000 football game. Now the main Clothier field can’t be used since the track is being redone. The field does have lights now.

I walk over to the game at Cunningham Field, which is east of PA 320, Chester Road. Swarthmore had already scored a goal before I arrived at about 16:20. I stayed for about a half-hour. I reviewed my poly sci paper during the first part of that time. I left at 16:50 to go to Valelly’s office hours. Swat ended up winning the game, 1-0. Three people were ahead of me to see Valelly so I needed to wait for about 20 minutes.

I went to dinner and ate with Matt, Robyn, Ellie, Anna, another Matt, Allen, and Andrew. Matt is Anna’s brother. He also goes to Swarthmore and is a first-year.

I get through e-mail for the first half of the evening and then go to Beardsley public to finish my philosophy midterm, econ policy memo, and write a draft for my poly sci midterm. Each piece took longer to do since the level of work to do increased. I didn’t get to the third part of writing the draft until 23:00. I still managed to write six pages before 02:00, when the lab closed.

From Beardsley I get back to my room, which is under 20.0°C again, and started reading e-mail. I posted an article to The Phoenix Online.

I was able to workaround a bug in Audion where if the playlist transition were set to seamless, scanning manually to the end of an .ogg file would hang the application. This problem doesn’t happen with .mp3 files. Apparently more than a few .ogg files don’t have clear end of song markers and Audion gets confused about what the proper scanning range is when it tries to calculate a transition to the next song. To workaround the bug I set the transition to none and that stopped the hanging.

After numerous re-searches I started downloading a file in LimeWire. However the attbi (AT&T broadband) host from the Seattle area kept cutting off every 34,316 bytes of transfer.

This situation reminded me of the transfer interrupted problem I have but for me getting this file to transfer was a big hassle. When the transfer would cut off it would go into requery instead of trying to download from the original host immediately. I needed to kill the download and download the file again from the search listing. Downloading again picked up the transfer where it cut off at. The transfer also progressed at 0.5 KB/s so getting the file took more time than I really had this early Wednesday morning.

I found another download source from the UK that didn’t cut off like the attbi but the transfer rate would drop to 0 periodically. When I did a trace route to the host the next to last hop timed out and the host had one second ping times compared to ping times far less than that for the intermediate hops.

It was after 06:00 and I had downloaded 30 percent of the file from the attbi host and 10 percent from the UK host. At this point I was going to stop maintaining downloads and just go to bed. Before I did so I found a download source from the German t-dialin network that transferred at 16 KB/s. If only I found this source earlier!

I went to bed after 07:00. I didn’t feel hungry enough to go to Sharples compared to the more pressing feeling that I wasn’t going to get enough sleep for the next day.

2002-10-21, Mon (Day 702, temperature at 10:15: 19.7°C, difference: -1.0°C): Today I got up at 10:00 and after I turned my alarm off I felt extremely cold and hot at the same time. I felt so bad that I had to sit down and figured I was too sick to go to class. I woke up at 10:05 and dashed to the bathroom to recompose. I felt somewhat better a few minutes later and then went to class.

By the afternoon my work rate slowed since I didn’t have much sleep. I still managed to get to Beardsley public to figure out which articles to pick for my developmental psych research paper.

I took a 20-minute nap after dinner and woke up at 19:15 to walk to the Strath Haven Middle School at 19:20. The school board committee meeting was tonight in the library. Even though Strath Haven Middle School is closer to the college than Ridley High School, walking there is more of a challenge. I walked on Harvard Ave and turned onto Yale Ave, going by the Strath Haven Condominium. I then went onto Avondale Road.

At night Avondale Road was very dark and difficult to see. The road also loses its sidewalk when it passes under the Blue Route. I turn onto Copples Lane and that road is no better. There is less traffic so I can’t see the surroundings for the brief moments the cars pass by. I am forced to walk more in the street since this road is narrower and doesn’t have a sidewalk.

I arrived at the middle school parking lot at 19:53. It takes longer by a minute to walk here than it does to Ridley High School. The route I took was not very direct, which explains most of the extra time. Also, I was unfamiliar with the area so I couldn’t walk as fast.

I needed to try a few doors at the school before I found the main door. Once inside I asked a janitor where the library was. I get there and there was not much of an audience. I didn’t see an agenda to pick up since I found out after the meeting they were in an open box not very close to the door. The people sitting in the audience were dressed like they came from work but I later found out that they worked for the administration.

The meeting was televised live and there was a TV monitor by the boardroom table so it was clear what was going out over the air. The mics were flat panel and were toggled on and off. There were more than twice as many people as mics so the mics had to be shuffled about during the meeting.

The meeting ended at about 21:45. Sharon Parker, the superintendent, introduced herself to me. My econ prof, Mark Kuperberg is also a school board member and he offered me a ride back to campus. I arrived at Parrish at 21:55 and this ride enabled me to go to the Phoenix mini ed board meeting at 21:50.

I get back to Wharton from the meeting in Parrish before 23:00 and I planned mentally what I need to do for the rest of tonight and the next two days. However, trying to get .ogg files to play in Audion distracted me. I realized that Audion 2.1 had an ogg plug-in that was too old. I upgraded to version 3 and ogg files then played. However, even though I could see the tags in the ogg files, I couldn’t edit them.

I got to bed soon after 02:00. I wanted to go to bed earlier since I felt sick but I also wanted to settle this ogg issue since it has been a problem for more than a month.

2002-10-20, Sun (Day 701, temperature at 13:36: 20.7°C, difference: -1.6°C): Today I slept late since I can only do that on the weekend and today was an opportunity. It took longer than expected to read e-mail this afternoon so I didn’t get to Beardsley public to do work until after 16:00. I ate dinner with Jesse and following that I continued working on my assignments in Beardsley. All of the print servers in SC Servers EN were down so to print I needed to setup the desktop printer for the printer itself and not the print server.

I completed my econ term paper topic due tomorrow, wrote a draft of my policy memo for econ and wrote a draft for my philosophy midterm. I also printed the video tape database. I found out over break that the problem I encountered at school with no space between empty fields and the footer repeating after every record also duplicated at home. Eventually I figured out over break that the AppleWorks layout configuration option to slide objects for printing caused problems for me. Turning those settings off allowed the database to print as expected.

The consultant whose shift ended at 00:00 told me to turn off the lights and shut the door upon leaving. I was the last person in the lab at the time and the next consultant wasn’t going to show up. I was almost done so I figured no problem. However while preparing the videotape database someone else comes in to use the lab. I could have told her to close the lab when I was done but if she forgot to, some blame would be assigned to me. I read e-mail to fill up the time, assuming that she would leave soon.

Raff replied to my philosophy e-mails so that took a fair amount of time to write back. It got to 02:05 and I reached the log archiving reminder e-mail. I couldn’t take care of that in the lab so I packed up to leave. A public safety officer comes by and I tell her that I was to lock up but she told me she would do it since the door also needed to be swiped.

Back in my room my computer did not wake up from sleep and needed to be force restarted. While my file sharing connection still worked in Beardsley, iDo stopped writing to idle-usage.log and DoorStop stopped logging incoming requests soon before 21:00.

I was still connected to my computer but the file-sharing-usage.log stopped being written when iDo stopped. My room dropped in temperature to below 20°C and temperature changes in the past have caused my computer to fail waking up from sleep. My computer did stay up during break and iDo continued to work.

I processed the web request logs for the week. It took a couple hours to fix the errors reported in the Analog Failure Report and Failed Referrer Report. However all of the referrers in the Failed Referrer Report were above the floor, which indicates that this process is tapering off as errors in The Phoenix Online are fixed.

By the end of the evening peer-to-peer bandwidth saturated and uploads were doing the typical Transfer Interrupted situation.

I read Gnutella Forums from 06:00 to 06:45. It was late enough where I should just eat breakfast in Sharples so I rested in my bed from 07:00 to 07:30. I slept on top of my bed since I hadn’t taken a shower beforehand. My room remained cold and I felt too cold to doze off.

I went to Sharples at 07:30 and it was difficult to eat breakfast since my arms kept shaking while seated. I took a shower, which warmed me up and went to bed at 08:30. The heat turned on today and apparently the heat was also circulating underneath my bed as I felt parts of my bed were warm before I had even settled in it.

2002-10-19, Sat (Day 700, temperature at 11:18: 22.3°C, difference: -0.2°C): Normally I don’t make a new journal entry for the day I return to campus from break. However I got a temperature reading when I arrived in my room today so I made an entry to hold the data.

After unpacking I checked my postal mail. I received two Oregonians and my Napster t-shirts. I read my Swatmail for the rest of the day and I did catch up. I was behind reading my e-mail since around 2002-09-09. This backlog got in the way of keeping on top of campus activities, career services announcements, and working on non-academic tasks since I wanted to get my e-mail caught up first.

I noticed today that not everyone turned on his computer yet so there was spare bandwidth for LimeWire uploads to move at least 5 KB/s per transfer without cutting off and returning Transfer Interrupted. There were some points in the late afternoon where bandwidth got short like before but overall transfers were completing well.

I didn’t get comparatively more firewall block messages so the increased bandwidth doesn’t have much of an effect on sending out query hits. I also noticed my network connections were more stable and contained more default port 6346 connections. Normally my outgoing network connections are on random ports since port 6346 is saturated and LimeWire shifts to using a different outgoing port.

After 01:00 it seemed apparent that the requery feature doesn’t search often enough to find files even if they actually exist in some horizons.

LimeWire will requery every 45 minutes for one of the files in the download queue. The more files in the queue the longer it takes for any one file to get requeried. I had at least a dozen files in the download queue so this load made the requery not work that well.

I continued re-searching after a download started since new sources would automatically attach to the transfer for a faster download. Those frequenting Gnutella Forums thought those swarming transfers caused LimeWire to complain about corruption in the files. The theory given was download swarming grabbed file segments from different originals even though they had the same file size. None of the swarming transfers today gave that error but a download that remained at one source even after numerous re-searching gave the corruption warning.

I didn’t get to bed until after 04:00 but it is rare that LimeWire actually has enough bandwidth on campus to work properly.

2002-10-11, Fri (Day 699, temperature at 10:00: 22.5°C, difference: +0.5°C, October break starts today): I dreamed I was trapping mice and rats in the publications office. One of the trapped mice broke free, took on wings, and flew away.

Sharples didn’t have any rolls or roast beef so my lunch today was sort of odd. I ate it with Kai, Chris, and Olivia.

I am going home today even though I am in the middle of doing work that has been ongoing since I moved in to campus in late August.

Over break I intentionally tried not to do much since I would need to do a lot of work when I returned to campus. I didn’t bring my USB hard drives home although they would have proved useful within hours of being home. In August I forgot to keep a copy of the “~aol wrapper” script on the computer at home so opening AOL would work in DragThing.

This script juggles the Internet Preferences file and opens AOL so IE can continue using the RAM Disk as cache. I noticed in the summer that Gnutella Forums and Slashdot pages loaded faster when using the RAM Disk. When I deleted the script, opening AOL in DragThing no longer worked. Dad opened AOL manually, which caused it to reset the cache location and IE stopped using the RAM Disk.

I watched the baseball league championship series in the early part of break. The World Series starts on --10-19, Sat., when I go back to campus. On Monday, Columbus Day, I went with my family to Lancaster County to eat breakfast, play outdoor miniature golf, and buy local food.

I went practice driving with AAA on Tuesday and Thursday. I need to complete six hours of driving with AAA to receive a certificate to lower my car insurance rates. I already had the 30 hours of classroom instruction in 2001-08 so only the driving component remains. On late Tuesday afternoon I drove for an hour with Bill as my instructor. Bill had me drive on winding Beatty Road in Springfield, PA 252, PA 3, and PA 320.

I drove for two hours on Thursday afternoon with Jason. I told him I hadn’t driven on the highway yet so he had me take PA 320 to US 30 onto I-476, the Blue Route. I rode the Blue Route up to I-276, the PA Turnpike and took that to PA 309 south. We stopped for a break at a bookstore in the Chestnut Hill section of Philadelphia. We drove back directly to AAA since Jason had another lesson to do and we were late, though he also started my lesson late.

Dad and I went to visit Nana on Tuesday and Friday. I packed two boxes for storage this October break. One box contained high school yearbooks and the other had Swat freshman year notes.

2002-10-10, Thu (Day 698, temperature at 10:00: 22.0°C, difference: +1.8°C): I stayed at lunch longer than normal with Kevin, Ryan, and Renee since I felt lazy. The longer lunch gave me less time to do reading for class.

I found another bug in the GNetCache before dinner having to do with update requests. A client that frequently updated by sending cache URLs or IPs would get a busy error even after the retry interval passed. The cache scanner fell into this category and was impacting my cache score since GNetCache would always return an ‘ERROR: Busy’ on the update request after the first time the cache scanner visited.

I had an engaging conversation at dinner with Jeremy about technological integration and network computers. Phoenix ed board at 19:00 lasted for two hours, was tense, and led to much angst because everyone kept talking but many also wanted to leave soon. I went to pub night directly from the meeting.

Pub night returned to the repaired Paces and was sponsored by the senior class officers, Kai, Renee, Sophia, and Jeremy. I stayed for about an hour and then continued working on fixing the GNetCache bug. I then added my cache to caches that were not doing well from the cache scan report. I went to bed after 01:00.

2002-10-09, Wed (Day 697, temperature at 10:01: 20.2°C, difference: -0.8°C): Today I dreamed that to get into Pittenger you needed to enter and exit through this narrow doorway that barely allowed one person to pass at a time. As a result there was a line to get in and out of the building. This same setup was present at this bazaar that was in this town business district. I’m calling it a bazaar since it was organized like a mall: a bunch of stores in an enclosed space but the full space could be the size of one store. The queue to enter and exit made it difficult to buy stuff and posed a fire hazard but it also made it difficult to rob the store since you couldn’t make an easy getaway.

I got a package slip this morning and it was for seven Oregonians. I had a hard time fitting them all into my bag. After lunch I checked my mail again before going to Beardsley public and to my surprise I got three more Oregonians.

Interestingly enough President Bush intervened in the West Coast port lockout and it was cloudy today. The lockout time range roughly covers the period that I didn’t receive the Oregonian newspaper so maybe increased mail volume due to the shipping stall pushed periodicals down the delivery priority list. Also, it seems like I only receive the Oregonian when it is cloudy or raining that day.

I started revising my developmental psych paper this afternoon but didn’t finish by 17:00. I went to the publications office then and since the Phoenix staff met the first deadline I thought the first round of web stuff would go quickly. However, I had to call someone up to the office since he didn’t realize what time it was and I didn’t call until 17:20. He took a long time exporting the pages, apparently longer than last week, which had the Philly guide.

We didn’t finish until 21:00 so instead of stopping by my room I returned to Beardsley to finish my paper. I moved faster than this afternoon and I returned to the office soon after 22:00. The staff didn’t make the second deadline on time and when the page deliverers got to the Delco printer at 22:30 they were informed that they were late and that Delco already started working on their own paper. Delco would process the Phoenix pages afterwards.

Normally for the 22:00 Delco makes film from the Phoenix pages, does their own paper, and then prints The Phoenix. Today the film would be made much later. Since Delco received enough marriages at 17:00 they would be able to print our paper but if they didn’t there would have been problems.

Luke, Yavor, and I worked on the online edition and some Phoenix people hung around loudly for a bit. Nathan talked with people since he was leaving for Florida in a week. I said goodbye to him and then felt sentimental.

Yavor finished quickly and Luke finished a bit afterwards. I finished before 02:00 but didn’t get in bed until close to 04:00 since I wanted to open the Oregonians to see what issues I still don’t have yet. The ten issues received today completed the time range from 2002-09-18 to 2002-10-01.

2002-10-08, Tue (Day 696, temperature at 10:01: 21.0°C, difference: -4.1°C): As an experiment I went through the entire day without wearing my glasses. I got up and wrote in my journal but it didn’t take long for my neck to cramp since I had to lean forward pretty far to see the computer screen. I stumbled on the stairs to exit Wharton since the stairway is fairly dark and the step edges did not have contrasts.

I went to lunch early so I wouldn’t have to choose which group to sit with since there would hardly be anyone there. It was impossible to read what was written on the glass in the Sharples serving area indicating what food items were put out. Instead I just looked at the food itself. I saw chicken with vegetables and burritos so I got the chicken, which was quite good.

Ani sat down with me and then Jesse, a junior engin major joined us. Kashif, a freshman, soon sat down and we chatted. I noticed I focused on making eye contact more since it was the only way I could really see what was going on in the conversation.

I did reading for afternoon classes in Tarble Atrium in Trotter. That wasn’t too difficult. Class was not that difficult either since there was mostly lecture and discussion. Ironically in developmental psychology the topic involved sense disabilities. Prof. Reimer showed a few videos but it wasn’t too hard to discern the scenes since the projection screen in Kohlberg 115 is large.

I worked on e-mail after class into the evening. I ate dinner early and alone in the Sharples big room. It seemed like I was ostracized since I wasn’t wearing glasses. It felt weird. I started getting ready for bed after 01:00.

2002-10-07, Mon (Day 695, temperature at 10:01: 25.1°C, difference: +1.6°C): I ate lunch with Sarah, Denise, J.J., and John. I wrote a draft for the psych take-home midterm this afternoon in Beardsley public. This draft was certainly draft quality. I was falling asleep writing most of it but I still managed to type during the bouts of tiredness. I finished writing at 17:00 and went to dinner.

In Sharples I said hi to Catherine, then E.B., and introduced myself to Phil and sat at their table in the big room. Kirstin, Toby, Robyn, and Matthew sat down later. E.B. told me she was in my social psych class last spring, in case I didn’t already know.

I left at 19:20 to walk to the Ridley High School for the monthly school board meeting. I get there at 19:52 and don’t find much of a crowd at the school itself. Kevin greets me at the door. I enter the boardroom and it felt different to see Lee Ann Wentzel as the new board secretary instead of William DelVescovo.

Nick Ignatuk presented at the meeting several plans for busing that could provide an alternative for the 2-mile state requirement at the high school. Pennsylvania requires busing for students living more than two miles away from the high school. The meeting ended a few minutes before 21:17 and I reached the Swarthmore train station at 21:42.

I went to Parrish for a 21:45 Phoenix ed board meeting. I wasn’t going to the SWIL movie tonight so I stayed for the whole meeting. Nathan was in the office probably for the last week since he is going to Florida.

I return to Wharton and talk with Jeremy and Kai in Kai’s room. After 00:00 I take a shower. Even though I was going to bed earlier I wasn’t going to bed early enough to get up at 07:00. To get eight hours of sleep from that starting time I would need to be sleeping by 23:00, which has proven to be difficult. The plan of going to the publications office in the morning hasn’t worked that well this semester since I need to go to bed so early.

2002-10-06, Sun (Day 694, temperature at 11:08: 23.5°C, difference: -3.8°C): I dreamed that I was exploring Trotter but the far east side of it was walled off and I was trying to find the secret door. I took this two-floor elevator from the first floor of Trotter to Willets [sic]. Before getting on the elevator these people were asking me where the elevator went but they didn’t seem to understand what I was saying.

Today I ate lunch with Betsy, Elizabeth, and Caitlin. I spent the rest of the day in the publications office burning CDs. It took about an hour to burn a CD including preparation time and checking. Spike people worked in the office in the late evening. I stayed in Parrish through dinner and didn’t leave until after 01:00.

2002-10-05, Sat (Day 693, temperature at 12:53: 27.3°C, difference: +0.8°C): I didn’t hear my alarm at 07:00 but instead I got up at 09:43 and went back to bed. Then I awoke again close to 12:00. I was going to sleep some more but since I might sleep past 15:00, which is when the bookstore closes on Saturday, I decided to go to the bookstore. I got dressed partially to get the New York Times in the bookstore and I talked to John briefly during his game room shift.

I went back to bed afterwards but I couldn’t fall back asleep so I went to lunch and then did the laundry. Late this afternoon I found out that adding the cplog.pl (copy log) script call to the GNetCache broke its primary functionality by outputting an error message about the headers already being sent. It took a couple of hours to fix this problem since I had to make changes without breaking something else.

At Sharples I ate dinner with John and Tom. In the evening I added my GNetCache to hosts that didn’t do well in the cache scan report. The irony is my own cache was doing poorly due to the cplog.pl addition until I fixed the problem.

I read a few e-mails this evening but then I went to Olde Club at 21:30 for Skeleton Key, Tanakh, and the No-Neck Blues Band. I had four drinks this evening, at each break before or after a band. I didn’t feel drunk at any point during the night but I didn’t feel that great either.

Back in Wharton I went to bed after 02:00 and at that point I figured I wasn’t going to get up early tomorrow so I would just start my day whenever I got up.

2002-10-04, Fri (Day 692, temperature at 10:00: 26.5°C, difference: +0.8°C): I dreamed I saw the morning Action News on TV and I was moving my stuff in somewhere. Later I went to the basement of my place to do laundry for the first time. The basement had a high ceiling for a basement and was colored gray. The laundry machines were on the near side of the room. It was somewhat dim so I got up on this gray metal ball the size of a basketball to turn the lights on. The breaker switch was located on the ceiling but it could have been located elsewhere.

It was cloudy most of today. I ate lunch with John in the Sharples big room. SWIL did a shock advertisement for its pterodactyl hunt tonight by running into the big room and hitting someone wearing pterodactyl wings with swords.

I did philosophy reading in the afternoon and wrote an e-mail to Raff. While checking outside links in the left rail on The Phoenix Online I saw on the New York Times Online that terror suspects were arrested in Detroit and Portland, Oregon.

I found that event to be a shock but then I thought at least the police there are making arrests since there may very well be sleeper cells all over the place but we just don’t know about them. This event may explain why I haven’t received an Oregonian since Monday due to possible extra mail security. Also, the bad dreams I have been having about Portland in the past few weeks may be linked to this development.

Upon leaving the serving room of Sharples for dinner I thought what my reaction would be if Portland or some other northwest area was attacked. Would I still go there after graduation? I would since as long as there is a place to go to, i.e. not complete decimation, I can still live there. I don’t have an aversion towards being in tall buildings or large cities since the nice views and the cultural opportunities outweigh the centralized risk.

Before I leave the drink area to enter the big room of Sharples I sensed an ambiguous situation of who to sit with but when I saw the room in front of me I locate Renee, Kevin, Norense, and company so I thought there was no doubt about that. Kai, Emily, and Jeremy were also at the table.

I sit down with them and then I noticed another table across the way I would have sat at. My seat at the table with Renee and crew wasn’t that great but I would have had a much better seat at the other table. Blair later sat across from me and after Kevin left Andrew sat next to me.

I went to Lang for the first time this semester to hear Tempesta di Mare, “Philadelphia’s newest baroque orchestra.” The concert started at 20:00 and lasted for at least two hours but I inadvertently thought the intermission was the end of the concert.

When the true intermission started I got up to leave but only half the auditorium cleared out, more than would normally leave during an intermission. The average age of the audience was higher than a typical Lang concert. I enter the lobby and see a number of people leaving but I don’t see any refreshments, which were spoken of before the “last” song was played.

I realized that things weren’t over so I reentered the concert hall. I recheck my program and I see that each song was given in different speeds so a single piece would be played multiple times. Even though I hear music differently now, I haven’t heard enough baroque music to recognize the similarities of one song being played at different rates.

Instead of the concert moving really fast like I thought it was in the beginning it ran a normal length. What made things confusing was the “intermission” that was actually the end of the three versions of the first song lasted long enough to seem like one. That period even had stage changes but was also short enough where it seemed like an intermission that would be present in a short concert.

I read e-mail in the late evening. At around 00:00 John called to tell me his computer was displaying plain fonts in italic. This problem happened after John uninstalled SimCity 3000. With the help of Tom, Google searches, and my ideas we fixed the problem in about an hour. John replaced the Arial font from Tom’s computer. I didn’t go to bed until after 01:00, which would make it difficult to get up early tomorrow.

2002-10-03, Thu (Day 691, temperature at 10:16: 25.7°C, difference: +0.9°C): I took a shower when I got up but since I was tired it took at least 15 minutes for me to figure what I was supposed to do once I got out of bed.

I ate lunch with Kai and Greg. I changed to a suit and tie following afternoon classes for a McCabe reception in the Parrish Parlors for Michael Dukakis. Dinner was in the Scheuer Room starting at 17:00. I sat with Brett, Connie from the president’s office, Lisa from alumni relations, Allen, Helaine, and Sophia.

The Dukakis lecture was in the combined space of the LPAC theater and cinema at 19:00. He gave a good talk about universal health care as well as a few other topics, especially during the extended question and answer period.

I returned to my room sometime after 20:30. I started philosophy reading but went to pub night with Jeremy and Kai at 21:30. None of us have been to a pub night before and it was especially important that Jeremy and Kai went since they needed to host pub night next week. This week Lodges 1 and 2 were the hosts.

In Olde Club, Brett explained to Jeremy and Kai what was needed to host pub night, such as getting kegs and other details. I sat next to Phil on the main level and Jeremy, Kai, Karen, and I played the go fish card game.

We left Olde Club about an hour later. Kai left Wharton to study but Jeremy and I talked until 00:00 in our hall lounge. Our topics of discussion included pub night economics and striving for infinity.

2002-10-02, Wed (Day 690, temperature at 10:10: 24.8°C, difference: +2.3°C): I ate lunch with Kevin and Amy, a first-year. I read e-mail this afternoon. The AppleTalk network interrupted for a few minutes in Wharton several times this afternoon. I called up Jesse on Wharton west 3d and he confirmed these failures. My room is on center 1st.

Liz from The Phoenix called at 16:05 to tell me the server in the publications office crashed. Also there were numerous problems of not being able to place images into layout pages. Quark has problems dealing with layout files opened remotely and this image placement problem is one symptom. I gave some advice and then went to the Scheuer room for a 16:15 lecture that Barry Schwartz gave titled “The Tyranny of Choice.”

I got to Kohlberg a couple minutes after 16:17 and the introduction to the talk already started. People were standing in the back of the room and while there were still seats available in a stack there wasn’t much room to place them.

I happened to be standing next to a large trashcan with a flat top so after wiping it off I sat on it. Some people who were standing before I got there looked at me periodically afterwards. It seemed like none of them thought of that idea or didn’t want to be seen sitting on top of a trash can.

Barry’s lecture was really good but I had to leave in the middle of it at 17:00 to go to the publications office. I get up there and things are running behind. The image placement problems in Quark were still prevalent even after restarting the server. I talked to Andrew about various office things.

I realize sometime after 17:30 that the SCCS is down. I thought they were rebooting their machine but it didn’t come back up in a few minutes. I later try to mount my computer but there aren’t any machines listed in Wharton. Dana and Hallowell were there but Clothier, Sproul, LPAC, and Kohlberg had no AppleShare computers or printers listed.

This network outage lasted until after 19:00. This failure would have hindered The Phoenix Online if it continued. However it took a long time for the pages to be exported and the network came back up before the process was done.

A number of the pages got mangled due to errors in the XML files so I had to reprocess a number of articles. I left the office a few minutes after 21:00. I stopped in my room for about a half-hour and then returned to the office. I talked with Nathan about his two possible job paths. Luke, Yavor, and I worked on the online edition for the rest of the time in the office.

Yavor left sometime around 01:00 and Luke hung around until sometime after the front page was done at 02:30. I stayed in the office until after 05:00 sprucing up the Philly Guide. I went to bed at around 06:00.

2002-10-01, Tue (Day 689, temperature at 10:03: 22.5°C, difference: +2.1°C): I ate lunch with Liz, Akira, and Kai. This afternoon I thought about how it seems for a while now I have way too much to do. However, very little of what I do is actually something that I need to do for someone else. I do need to go to class, read, and write papers but that doesn’t take much time and those tasks have definite finishing points. The things I decide to do on my own are more numerous, take longer to finish, and sometimes have less clear finishing points. Therefore my complaints about having too much to do are my own doing and therefore my problem.

I ate dinner with William and Annie. For the rest of the evening I worked on fixing the errors from the Analog Failure and Failed Referrer reports. Along the way I fixed the problems with The Phoenix Online loadpdf.php script. This hastily written script had problems working correctly on certain pages. Namely it was impossible to have a PDF in the current issue load properly on the section index pages in both cases. A current issue section index page can be loaded via the top-level section pages or via the issue section pages. I either had to code for the main section page or the issue section page. Also due to relative paths I could not even link to a PDF with the script on the front page.

I fixed both of these bugs and checked the existing usage of the loadpdf.php script to work with the changes. I no longer needed an absolute path in the individual files so I took them out. Also I made all PHP pages that linked to a PDF use the loadpdf.php script. I wanted all links to PDFs on the site to use this method but it would not have been easy to get an HTML page to call the script properly so I just settled for the PHP.

Sometime after 01:00 I got caught up with the web request logs. I then proceeded to clean up the desktop, which was nearly full with stuff. Following that I cleaned up the root level of the startup drive, which had dozens of items. I went to bed sometime after 03:00.

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