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Current entries

2000-12-22, Fri (Day 322, temperature at 07:03: 27.2°C, difference: -0.2°C): I dream that I am in McCabe and I recently finished writing my philosophy paper about Hume. David comes in and asks me which topic I should write about since he has a PChem final as well. I tell him I picked Hume since I had info about it but said that you will run out of stuff and have to think of examples. I told him that I would be on the third level of the library later tonight if there was an emergency and he needed to talk to someone.

It is snowing again today.

2000-12-21, Thu (Day 321, temperature at 08:28: 27.4°C, difference: +0.4°C): I woke up at 07:00 today and went back to bed without resetting my alarm even though I had my exam at 09:00. I was smart enough to get up by myself at 08:30 since John’s alarm wasn’t going off at this early time. By getting up this late I only had enough time to get dressed and start eating at Sharples. I took my bagel with me and munched on it while going up the hill to Kirby and sitting in the exam room, finishing most of it before the exam. The psychology exam went fine.

I became very location inefficient after this point. I went to the credit union to deposit my check but after doing the final paperwork I find that they are not open at this second but they will be in a few minutes. I go for my walk as I finish my bagel. I come back to Kohlberg and now there is a group of people waiting for service from the bank. I instead check my mail, go to Sharples and eat lunch with Kai and Norense, and then go back up the hill to cash my check. I get back to Willets and I then realize that I needed to drop off my design studio key in LPAC so before I go to McCabe to start my philosophy paper I take care of that. After all of that walking around campus I finally pick my paper topic and start writing. I wrote half of the paper or five pages before 17:00 and I finished completely before 00:00.

2000-12-20, Wed (Day 320, temperature at 08:01: 27.0°C, difference: -0.1°C): I dreamed I was at the front row before the 2000 Presidential inauguration. I am with former presidents, Clinton to Carter, although Carter is introduced before Reagan (out of reverse order). I was really excited to see so many former presidents. Reagan looked much older than my previous image of him.

Next in my dream, I am on Parrish Beach although the south area is more industrial and the east side has this larger steep mountain with a mid-height ledge and two sharp peaks. The entire mountain has an orange-brown rust color. Parrish and Tarble are in their proper locations (north and west). My brother Thomas and I have climbed down the mountain just before although it is difficult. We walk over to where the Parrish west circle would be and Mom tells me that Tom missed this convention since Mom didn’t wake Tom up, but he woke up a minute before somebody rang the buzzer so he could go there. So as a result he didn’t go.

I see a Public Safety vehicle parked in the circle. Thomas wasn’t visibly upset by missing the convention until after Mom left and then we walked back to the mountain to climb up it. Going up the mountain is going to be more difficult than climbing down since the lower-middle half is very steep. I walked ahead of Thomas, but I then waited for him to catch up to me.

Now I am on the third floor of Willets although the halls bend more per wing and the north end of the third floor is an open-air hallway. It is at night. I am going back to south and I am asked in the lounge to take a survey from a public policy student group that was asking two questions about if the election was done fairly, which I said yes to. There was a slice or two of pizza left by the TV that one of the survey conductors grabbed. For some reason I saw the results of the survey on the survey form. A large majority agreed with my viewpoint that the election was fair. However I had to mail the survey myself and pay the postage, which I planned on doing later.

I ate a really large breakfast today so I would have energy ready for my linguistics final this afternoon. Things started to get time compressed starting after lunch. I had limited time to go over the questions for the second psych exam in the Papazian lounge. I then went to Trotter to study for linguistics. I got out of the linguistics final late and went to dinner at 18:00. I went to McCabe at 20:00 to study for my psych final tomorrow morning. I went to bed at around 23:00.

2000-12-19, Tue (Day 319, temperature at 09:16: 27.1°C, difference: -0.3°C): Upon going for my walk this morning, I reached unpleasant conclusions. The first one is that noise pollution in the area is on the rise considering that jets are now flying over the campus and the train horn from the freight line that runs between Ridley Park and Ridley is now audible from here. The second conclusion is that this campus is depressing, which is making me feel bad, but it is not so much the buildings that are depressing since I don’t even find DuPont to be that bad. Rather it is the many people on this campus that have such depressing spirits that it makes the environment feel sad. I told Jesse at lunch about these conclusions.

I studied for my linguistics final tomorrow this afternoon and I stopped by Kari’s office for a practice dictation.

I confirmed Nathan’s comment earlier today that there was no PHP for Mac OS 9, and I don’t want to run Mac OS X Public Beta on my iMac but I will run LinuxPPC. I started doing research for Linux. I downloaded MkLinux first and then I was going to download LinuxPPC, but the download would have been about four hours (nearly 500 Megs), so instead I sprung for the CD.

What I plan to do is install LinuxPPC on the Power Mac 7300 at home since almost all of the data is backed up. If I can get this setup to work, I’ll figure out how to get it to work on the iMac. Since the iMac has a more complicated software setup I may run into a host of problems, but the 7300 may give me trouble hardware-wise since Linux may not play nice with the Sonnet G3 upgrade card and possibly with the PC card. I think it should be fine, but I still may have some difficulty and at the worst I may have to pull the cards to get Linux to work for the test.

The end result of this escapade is I plan to test PHP just for fun although I want to gain experience with Linux since I really want to serve The Phoenix Online on a PPC running Linux, with a Mac OS compatibility window on the side.

This idea pushed me back a couple of hours and I still needed to study tonight although I was limited in what I could do since I had a hard time concentrating.

It was snowing when I left for the library after 22:00 and when I got back close to 24:00 the ground and asphalt were covered with a thin layer of snow.

My impatience in trying to get Linux represents a problem that exists in society today and is starting to affect me. People expect everything to happen immediately and to work all of the time. Every run should be a success. When one or both of these outcomes fail to occur, anxiety results and thrashing occurs to get some sort of desirable outcome.

2000-12-18, Mon (Day 318, temperature at 09:00: 27.4°C, difference: +0.3°C): My dream starts in a theater, a mixture of the LPAC main stage and the Ridley Middle School auditorium. I leave the theatre and now I am with Tom and maybe John and Jesse at the end of dusk. Sewer water is flowing into this open swirling hole on campus somewhere between Trotter and the Friends Meetinghouse. One particularly large flow is coming from under us and Tom is curious about where it is coming from. They know that I know and I eventually say it is the flow from the college.

We then walk north up the path for a little bit and we come to a stream that has treated water and then we entered a roofed building that contains a channel of drinking water. A sign indicates as such. I feel confident enough to run my arm through the water to get a taste of it. However, I said the opposite with the flow into the hole. There is the smell of chlorine and a visually drawn sign of a chlorine drum along with a derivative chemical of chlorine hung in this interior room close to the ceiling. Both chemicals are added to the water.

Now I am at a person’s new house that was built by developers over a creek that carries large leaves (such as from an oak tree). With too much water flow, damage to the house will result. On an NBC 10 TV news report, the report visually superimposed the color relief architectural plan over where the actual creek is. The creek divides the person’s house directly in half down the middle cutting the front door in two, leaving a left and right half of a house. The yellow-white painted house is narrow and tall, is in the forest, and has a fair amount of detailing. A thirty-something guy with dark hair is standing in front of his house. He is tall and thin like the house.

I had my set design portfolio evaluation with Bill at 10:00.

In the afternoon I integrated the stuff from set design with the rest of the stuff in my room. I made quite a few mistakes including knocking my shower caddy off my bookcase, breaking one of the handles. I tried fixing the break by contact cementing the two plastic ends together but a test lift about 15 minutes later caused the ends to separate again. A few minutes later I got a broken paper clip and threaded the pre-drilled hole on the case with the fabric loop of the handle. I twisted the paper clip together like a twist tie and that seems to be working fine.

2000-12-17, Sun (Day 317, temperature at [N/A]: [N/A]°C, difference: [N/A]°C): I’m writing this entry on Monday afternoon since Sunday was almost entirely a set design project day. In the future I will get temperature readings when I get up instead of after writing the previous day’s entry.

I got up at 12:30 today, went to lunch, and then worked on the remainder of my set design projects and put finishing touches on my working model. I finished everything soon after 01:30.

2000-12-16, Sat (Day 316, temperature at 10:51: 27.1°C, difference: +0.1°C): My dream essentially was an amplification of last night and then the “Electronic Lady” song by Marque was linked to me while doing a linguistics translation.

Today, after I restarted my computer when WhatRoute quit on me, the Antenne Mecklenburg-Vorpommern song that I started up on again was Marque “Electronic Lady,” although the station has played that song three times in the past 48 hours.

Since the fire alarm went off twice after the first time yesterday, the elevator wasn’t working today. I was able to use the elevator after the first fire alarm yesterday, which was a test, but resetting the elevator after the 22:00 alarm would do no good because another alarm followed two hours later.

This afternoon and evening I worked on my working model for set design. The model was essentially complete by about 01:30.

2000-12-15, Fri (Day 315, temperature at 10:22: 27.0°C, difference: +0.3°C): I got up at 10:00 and turned in my linguistics paper at the start of my walk. Lunch was sort of sluggish, but I said this circumstance might be similar to how I felt on Wednesday: by the afternoon once I got into something I would feel more energized and this state would carry into dinner. This claim was true today although not as much as the first time I observed this phenomenon on Wednesday.

I did construction on my working model for set design this afternoon and I was going to continue it into the evening around the string quartet concert at 20:00 but I saw that there seemed to be no social activity on this campus tomorrow except for a SWIL event. Due to this discovery, I planned to turn Saturday into a workday and tonight into a do whatever night.

I went with Jesse to the concert, which was nice. I also opened the problem about social life decline, especially on this campus and Jesse offered some good advice.

The fire alarm went off three times today. The first one was supposed to be a test but the alarm went off longer than expected and went off much earlier than what was said in the e-mail from facilities. The second occurred at around 22:00 and that one was a “fake alarm” according to Tom. The third alarm went off soon after 00:00.

2000-12-14, Thu (Day 314, temperature at 10:27: 26.7°C, difference: +4.2°C): The third floor men’s bathroom doesn’t seem heated now and even more odd is the ventilation in there is on, which is only true in the warmer months.

I worked on my linguistics paper this afternoon and started the editing process by the mid-afternoon. I posted more articles to The Phoenix Online after dinner, went to a short Phoenix staff meeting, and finished my paper in McCabe by 23:30.

2000-12-13, Wed (Day 313, temperature at 09:00: 22.5°C, difference: -3.9°C): I dreamed I was in DuPont and a Chem lab instructor (older woman) notices me even though I haven’t officially taken chem. I sit in on an experiment about water coming from the ceiling into a sink with condensation on the sink showing up on the rust-orange colored porcelain. The class has many freshman and is more unruly than Dan’s lab class, which to contradict an earlier part of this dream, we have taken before. In set design studio, the room drafting tables were rearranged to give a seating area in the front left. Another person and I were there while Bill wondered where his class was. Reference was made to a similar outcome yesterday.

Now I am outside on a concrete patio in front of a city school; initially the group there was fanatic about bikes and now it is Frisbees. It soon broke down into argument. Person named Helvetica, leader but easily frustrated by the group, leaves. Now we are on the field similar to the Ridley Middle School track field. There is Frisbee playing in the park, no games but just lots of passing of different colored Frisbees. I make a pass to Luke. A much more relaxed and fun environment is now present at this point.

I got up at 08:30 today and facilities came at 09:00 to look at the heater. The heater in the room started working then but by lunch it stopped working. It was then working by the evening.

The morning started out rough but by the late afternoon I was full of energy. I went to breakfast at 09:00 and went for my walk from Sharples. It was below freezing this morning and walking in it was not pleasant even after bundling up. So I felt worse after my walk than before I went. I went to lunch at 11:45 and since I just went to breakfast and didn’t do much between then, it was silly to eat again so soon.

I went to Sharples before 14:00 to set my schedule for next semester. Afterwards, I stopped in Willets briefly to pick up a book. McCabe was next and I started off reading at a carrel and not having a very good rate. I then got in front of a computer at 15:00 and started typing. By the time it was near 17:00, I was full of energy and coming up with new ideas. I went to dinner like that and then calmed down afterwards since the Phoenix hiring meeting was at 19:30.

I wrote five pages for my linguistics paper after the Phoenix meeting and then came to the tail end of the two-hour Trivial Pursuit study break that John and Tom won. The two wrestled in Jesse and Tom’s room much to Jesse’s dissatisfaction and after the second round John, Tom, and I took a break in the lounge.

2000-12-12, Tue (Day 312, temperature at 07:12: 26.4°C, difference: -2.2°C, last day of classes): The room temperature is somewhat lower than normal and the value dropped during the day since some of the heaters in the building are not working.

2000-12-11, Mon (Day 311, temperature at 09:09: 28.6°C, difference: +0.1°C): Today was the last day of class for set design and linguistics. I wrote my paper for philosophy after 16:00 until soon after 22:00 in McCabe. I saw about 20 people come over to the area where I was working, looking to see if there was an iMac open among the six. However much of the time there wasn’t a computer available since this is a busy time of the semester for public area computers.

2000-12-10, Sun (Day 310, temperature at 10:23: 28.5°C, difference: +0.1°C): I dreamed that I was on E. Hinckley Street in Ridley Park (the business district) and yellow “Post Office” tape was around the lot of the 7-11. I joked saying that the tape is telling you what the place already is but smaller text on the tape said that this was a government document area that needed to be contained so that information from the situation can be gathered.

2000-12-09, Sat (Day 309, temperature at 10:04: 28.4°C, difference: -0.1°C): Instead of going to this night’s movie, I went to the “Caged Love” performance in the Frear.

2000-12-08, Fri (Day 308, temperature at 07:47: 28.5°C, difference: +0.3°C): I put up the art for The Phoenix Online this afternoon and early evening. I also had my Phoenix interview for next semester and 15 minutes was not enough to even start to discuss what we want to do with the site. John went to Philadelphia around dinner through the mid-evening to go with Linda to an art festival. I went to the “Shawshank Redemption” in DuPont with Jesse, the first on-campus movie I have seen in three weeks. It was interesting to see how the character of the prison changed as each decade went by.

2000-12-07, Thu (Day 307, temperature at 15:10: 28.2°C, difference: +0.2°C): I got up to John’s first alarm at 10:00 and started working on The Phoenix online edition. Since I just got up I made a fair amount of mistakes so I fell behind a half-hour. I fixed the problems in the afternoon. Dad picked me up in the late afternoon to go to Michael’s and then Staples to get supplies for set design.

2000-12-06, Wed (Day 306, temperature at 07:06: 28.0°C, difference: +0.4°C): Today was sort of an off day for me. I didn’t work on The Phoenix during the day and I slept during the afternoon. I worked on my Phoenix application this evening and ran into problems getting it to print out. I ended up using three different computers, three different printers, and three different buildings to get my application ready. I ended up walking up (or down) 28 floors in about 20 minutes. I didn’t feel that bad afterwards and I helped Claire clean up the publications office while Nathan did the web transfer.

2000-12-05, Tue (Day 305, temperature at 10:24: 27.6°C, difference: -0.5°C): I woke up today at 10:00 anxious, but today was much calmer. I worked on The Phoenix Online in my room for most of the afternoon and before and after dinner up to 22:00 I was in the publications office adding content.

2000-12-04, Mon (Day 304, temperature at 09:01: 28.1°C, difference: -0.2°C): I got up at 09:00 today for a 09:30 set design class. As a result I felt rushed when I first got up and needed to get many things ready at once.

I was in the publications office in the afternoon and the New York Times came up to the office also. I made minor changes to The Phoenix web site in the afternoon to smooth out rough edges that develop when making that many site changes so quickly.

I went to dinner at the regular time and started taking the psych experiment but my mouse became vertically challenged, i.e. it would only move in the horizontal direction. Unplugging and replugging the mouse wouldn’t reset proper mouse functionality in the program so I had to start over again. However, I don’t have the time to do that so I’m going to have to squeeze this task in tomorrow. John, Tom, and I went to the athletics cuts fireside chat that originally started in Kohlberg Coffee Bar but then was moved to the Friends Meetinghouse when the coffee bar essentially filled up.

The fireside chat was less unruly than yesterday’s meeting in the gym but the sentiment was that the divide between us and the Board of Managers was not much less after the chat.

I worked in the publications office on putting up letters to the editor, a slide show of the chat, and the new articles from The Phoenix print edition extra released tomorrow before sunrise. I didn’t get to bed until 06:30 and the sun was just starting to remove the full darkness from the sky.

2000-12-03, Sun (Day 303, temperature at 14:18: 28.3°C, difference: -0.1°C): Today was a continuation of yesterday’s athletics development only in a more intensified fashion. I got up at around 12:00 and went to lunch. Jesse, John, Tom, and I went to the meeting in the Tarble Gym at 15:00. The meeting was intended to be a discussion about the athletics cuts decision but soon turned into a media circus that led to the Board of Managers, the Athletics Review Committee (ARC), and administration walking out of the gym escorted by Public Safety. This action was the result of the meeting becoming unruly, mostly due to angry shouting of parents and alumni, all providing understandable objections.

I spent the rest of the day and night working in the publications office, continuously updating the web site. I got to bed a little earlier than yesterday but not by much.

2000-12-02, Sat (Day 302, temperature at 14:22: 28.4°C, difference: -0.7°C): Today was a very interesting day although it did not start out that way. I got up at 14:00 and started doing the wash. I only had two things to do today. They were do the wash and go to John’s concert tonight. I didn’t know at the time that a major development was taking place on the campus that would launch a whirlwind of activity.

I found out from a voicemail Nathan left after I got back from washing my face following dinner that football might be cut. The Phoenix was going to print a special edition and web-post it as well. After I went to John’s concert in Lang I went to the publications office and started putting up baseline content soon after 22:00. Also at 22:00 was a rally on the steps in front of Parrish, which NBC 10 and FOX were at as well. Action News was also around.

Once the rally was done, the content for the special edition was put together and I placed the articles on the web server soon after. The Swarthmore College Board of Managers voted to cut football and wrestling as well as demote badminton to a club sport. By 05:00, I finished for now by adding front page art and the group that went to photocopy the paper (1,000 copies) came back from Kinko’s. Our group then dispersed to on-campus dorms to distribute the papers to people’s rooms. I did my dorm, Willets. I finished distributing the paper in Willets at 05:30 and got to bed at 06:00.

2000-12-01, Fri (Day 301, temperature at [N/A]: [N/A]°C, difference: [N/A]°C): I realized tomorrow afternoon that I didn’t start today’s entry to get a temperature reading so there isn’t one available. In the late afternoon and around dinner I put up art on The Phoenix Online and at 19:30 I went to the Friends Meetinghouse for a Phoenix dinner.

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