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Journal 2002-08

Current entries

2002-08-31, Sat (Day 658, temperature at 09:23: 23.6°C, difference: -0.3°C): I spent almost the entire day in the student publications office. I worked on finalizing the client image for the non-beige Macs today. A Phoenix editorial board meeting was today at 12:00 and first-years stopped by in the afternoon for two sessions.

I ate dinner with Renee, Caroline, Chris, David, Kevin, and Olivia. Kai and his parents stopped by before the rest of the group left.

In the publications office this evening I played around with the monitor settings to find the optimal way to configure them. It turns out the 1280 x 1024 resolution I set the Sony 21" monitors to this summer didn’t have a standard 3:2 aspect ratio. I changed the resolution to a more standard 1280 x 960. However this setting has a lower refresh rate (75 Hz compared to 85.02 Hz) but I’ll accept it.

This diversion took some time to settle and by the time I got to software configuring I noticed some errors in the image. I looked further and it looked like the desktop file got corrupted. I could have repaired it but since this setup was going to be replicated nine times I felt it was better to redo the image. Unfortunately this redo effectively scratched 12 hours of work today. I managed to work up to six times faster for the first two hours but then I started to get tired and slowed down.

The Select Storage partition also was complaining about being full and it seemed like it wanted contiguous free space for the client Disk Copy image. By this time it was 09:00 on Sunday so I just moved to finish where I was and return to Wharton. However, I had imaged and tested Nelson so four of the 12 clients in the office were imaged, the others being Homer, Willie, and Moe. I went to bed sometime after 09:00.

2002-08-30, Fri (Day 657, temperature at 09:20: 23.9°C, difference: -0.4°C): I went to the pub office in the late morning and continued the client imaging process. There were fewer people in the office today in marked difference from yesterday. By 16:00 I was at the point where I could image the beige Macs Homer and Willie for real. I reformatted Willie, reinstalled the software, configured and tested it and by 03:00 both Homer and Willie were imaged.

Sharples opened for all today at dinner and it was fairly crowded in part since I went in the middle of the dining period. However, I didn’t recognize too many people so it seemed like mostly first-years were in the dining hall. I sat down in the small room and Luke, a first-year, joined me for a bit. He is interested in cognitive science and is from northern Ohio.

When I got back to my room after 03:00 I renewed LimeWire Pro since it expires tomorrow. The LimeWire company used a sneaky tactic of holding the upgrade price to the old purchase rate but if I don’t take advantage of the time limited special offer I have to pay the higher current purchase rate. Since I use the software, albeit sporadically other than sharing files, it made economic sense to upgrade now even though I don’t approve of the tactic.

2002-08-29, Thu (Day 656, temperature at 09:02: 24.3°C, difference: [N/A]°C): I wake up at 09:00 feeling tired but I get going and write yesterday’s journal entry. I arrive at the office sometime before 11:00 and after a few minutes Dee arrives. A number of other Phoenix people arrive later including Nathan, Ben, Matt, Liz, and Justin. Andrew also arrived later in the day.

I left the office at 13:00 to watch Bill and Lauren at home while my parents took Tom to kindergarten orientation. I returned to campus at around 15:00 and continued working in the office. Today I was getting the digital camera card reader to work more reliably and upgrading software on the image computer Moe. Image computer Willie gave a blinking question mark at startup twice today and the solution to that problem was to shut down and power on the computer. This problem occurred sometime after the computer would go to sleep.

I didn’t leave the office until 03:20, I took a shower an hour later and then went to bed.

2002-08-28, Wed (Day 655): I moved back in today although for this year it was periodically raining and there was a couch to carry.

This summer I planned on bringing my own web site up to date and add more features to The Phoenix Online. I also wanted to get my driver’s license. I didn’t spend much time working on The Phoenix Online but I did spend a large amount of time working on my own site and practice driving throughout the summer. Despite the effort my trucksess.com domain only has the family section completed and I do not have my driver’s license yet.

Writing the backend code for trucksess.com took longer than I thought and I didn’t get to writing a bandwidth management system so I don’t want to overload the site with pages and go over the bandwidth limit. I failed the road test twice while parallel parking. I didn’t try parallel parking until later in the summer and while I did many of the tries fine, for the test I couldn’t park to pass. I have another test scheduled for --09-13, Fri so hopefully I’ll pass then.

Bill also started school today and Thomas took a kindergarten placement test early this afternoon. In the late morning Dad and I moved stuff already in the apartment and the couch to my room, Wharton 150. The rain was intermittent drizzle and didn’t give much of a problem then.

At home I waited for Thomas’ placement test to finish and then Dad and I moved the stuff from storage to Swarthmore. This part took two trips and the rain now was steady drizzle that increased in intensity over the entire span of the afternoon.

I started wiping down the walls of my room sometime after 17:00 and didn’t finish until sometime before 00:00. I didn’t use that many paper towels since the walls had less texture compared to Worth. However the ceiling in Wharton is higher so I had to put a crate on my chair to get up there and the higher ceiling translates into more wall space to clean.

I then placed furniture. Early today after 00:00 while at home I made four plans of how to place the furniture in my room. It was difficult to make the plans since the objects were large and the room was small. When I arrived in my room today I noticed that the bookcase was missing and the shelves looked newer. I figured the former was removed by facilities due to lack of space. This removal proved beneficial as only one plan worked well. It proved difficult to move the furniture around the room since I also had to move around my boxes.

I did minimal unpacking and went to bed after 04:00. At this point in time the rain was coming down heavy.

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