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Journal 2001-05

Current entries

2001-05-18, Fri (Day 431, temperature at 10:56: 23.4°C, difference: -1.7°C): I am packing up to go home today.

2001-05-17, Thu (Day 430, temperature at 12:33: 25.1°C, difference: +0.3°C): I dreamed I was in gym class and we did five types of station-like exercises. I was in the old Ridley High School south gym locker room, which is in the basement. The layout of the floor is different. At the end of class the coach/teacher discussed pacing your workout by sensing how much you can do in a day. The things we did in class we could do in our own workout to match how we felt accordingly. A number of people weren’t taking gym and sat on the side.

After class in my dream everyone needed a form signed and since a mob of people formed to get signatures, I left to come back later like a few others were doing. My next class was on the 500 level, which was above me and not over and up to the 1966 building. The tile on the basement walls looked nice and the lighting was brighter. I put my backpack together in a hallway that bent at right angles on both directions. Being in a basement, which typically have exposed pipes, I was near a large white insulated pipe coming straight down from the ceiling against the wall and going into it before the pipe would have reached the floor.

Today seemed out of sync and the blue-sky days that have been common over the past few weeks were replaced by gray. I put a story about the Swarthmore liquor referendum passing on The Phoenix Online this afternoon along with a list of related articles. I had good conversation with Tom at dinner.

2001-05-16, Wed (Day 429, temperature at 07:06: 24.8°C, difference: -1.2°C): I dreamed it was deadline night for the last Phoenix with Justin as editor in chief. He was writing in color on a white board that was behind the G4 by the door although in real life there isn’t a white board there.

I went to Papazian today in a big rush, as I was a few minutes behind since I wanted to go to each final a half-hour before it started. I had a concern that I wouldn’t have enough to write about but that turned out not to be the case as I explained topics I introduced.

The rest of the day was full of writing. I spent the afternoon and evening in the Beardsley Public Area doing the remaining four set design reports. I replied to a long Nathan e-mail and I didn’t get to bed until 04:30.

2001-05-15, Tue (Day 428, temperature at 12:47: 26.0°C, difference: +1.1°C): I dreamed that I was in Stan’s class from high school. The classroom was laid out differently although all of the older furniture was there so I don’t think it was the new high school. We had assigned lab places but the class didn’t realize it at first. In real life we were not assigned lab places.

I got up for lunch and started studying for my last final tomorrow morning. I wanted to finish the studying by dinner but since I didn’t spend enough time on it by then I continued studying into parts of the evening. In between the two parts I went to Beardsley public to do the Bibiena set design report.

2001-05-14, Mon (Day 427, temperature at 08:26: 24.9°C, difference: -2.7°C): I got up early since I didn’t go to bed too late. I went to McCabe after 11:30 and studied for my mythology final this afternoon.

The classics final was not terribly difficult, as I was much more prepared for it than the midterm. The same comment could also be said for my Chinese Civ final that I took last Thursday.

I felt really good for the rest of the evening since the work I have remaining is not as difficult than what I recently finished. Ed’s final is Wednesday and I also have the text to do for five designers. I backed up this evening and was able to finish going through the stack of papers on my desk. For a few weeks now I would sort through the paper stack while the computer was backing up as I don’t like to fully use the computer then and I need to be in front of the computer to switch Zip disks.

I went to the last SWIL movie of the year, “Back to the Future.” This movie from 1985 is much better than I thought in terms of the foreshadowing and how everything fits together. In fact the storyline sort of reminds me of Oedipus.

2001-05-13, Sun (Day 426, temperature at 12:23: 27.6°C, difference: -1.3°C, Mother’s Day): In my dream I was cleaning off the back of my TI-82 calculator case in the bathroom. The case had these tan seeds stuck on it.

I studied for tomorrow’s mythology final this afternoon and evening in McCabe.

2001-05-12, Sat (Day 425, temperature at 10:30: 28.9°C, difference: +1.8°C): My dream had a lot of things in it. In a show, which I was watching from the context of the setting itself and not seeing it from the TV, this woman received a Cassandra distinction after an adventure scene. I think it was an adventure show. I saw a color sculpture of her head that had a gray stone-like ring around it that said the name of the distinction. This sculpture was in the center of these other sculptures. The entire grouping reminds me of our solar system.

I also dreamed that my UPS light that normally is green went to red and my iMac needed to automatically shut down as a result. Photoshop was complaining the most with these dialogs from the KeyServer. The lights in the hallway were on fine although they seemed fairly bright possibly because it was dark in my room. I shut my computer down, resetting my UPS and once I started again everything was fine although it was still bright in the hallway. I still thought the problem might have been an overvoltage.

In real life I read about overvoltages in an APC newsletter last Monday, the same day I saw that photo in Texas which was related to my San Antonio dream. When my UPS needs to use battery power the green light turns yellow but I don’t think that light would turn red. Also, my UPS doesn’t have the ability to automatically shut down my computer if the battery power is too low. The lights did flicker twice in the evening and my UPS needed to switch to battery power although John’s computer, which is not connected to a UPS, stayed up as well.

I set my alarm to 07:00 and while I did hear it go off then I didn’t feel like getting up. I slept a few more hours although I wanted to finish revising my mythology paper by lunch but instead I was getting up then. I did the wash, probably for the last time this semester, and revised the paper in the afternoon.

In the evening I selected which images to scan for the remaining five designers in set design. I then went to the LPAC design studio to scan them. The computer wouldn’t connect to the KeyServer so I upgraded the software and after that it connected fine. However, Photoshop and Word wouldn’t stay open at the same time due to lack of memory. I turned on virtual memory but after I restarted the KeyServer said that all of the Photoshop licenses were checked out. I never got a message like that but I waited for about a half-hour since the KeyServer put me in line to receive a key when it became available. I restarted after that half-hour and it worked fine.

The next day I tried the same thing of opening Photoshop on my iMac and I got the same message about all the licenses being checked out. I could start the application fine two hours later but the request for notification was still in the queue so I think that feature may be broken. I think that you are never notified when a key becomes available. I say this statement since when a key would open, you have five minutes to secure it — otherwise the request is discarded. If I could open the application fine later then why did my notification request stay in the queue? A key did open up so I should have received a notification.

I didn’t finish scanning until 03:45. The black and white images each took about five minutes but the color images took several times longer.

2001-05-11, Fri (Day 424, temperature at 07:01: 27.1°C, difference: +1.5°C): My dream (before I woke up briefly at 05:00) involved walking through the Worth courtyard starting at the Bond side. The sky is cloudy, it is drizzling, and the grass is worn out. I am standing in water partly due to the previous night’s party, which wore out the grass and compacted the ground so the rain had nowhere to go. Remember that the Worth courtyard is mostly enclosed and the water was not near a drain. I go to the other side of the courtyard and the grass becomes greener.

I enter what should be the “N” section of Worth although it actually was labeled the “I” section as I got the ordering mixed up. I thought the laundry room was there although I also saw a lounge in the same room on the first level. A Euro washer and two Euro dryers were around the corner, the Euro designation meaning the machines are smaller. I look out the window, which faced north and east, and it was now partly cloudy and nice. I ask the person watching TV about the other traditional laundry machines scattered around the room and he says that they are also fine save for the ones that are obviously broken, which have signs on them saying so.

The physiological psych final was this morning. I worked on taking care of reminder folders in the late afternoon and evening. Putting the updated scripts on Milhouse the publications server took too long as I wanted to add version numbers in Finder Get Info windows for the scripts I wrote but FileTyper doesn’t allow you to edit version strings. I did many searches looking for a utility that lets you do so although I didn’t find any good ones. I eventually settled on File Buddy although it has more features than I need; the only thing missing from FileTyper for my purposes is the ability to edit version information.

I also looked at AppleScript to see if I could change the version information that way. I could read, but not write to the version information although I could change type and creator codes. I looked for an AppleScript OSAX that would let me change this info and I didn’t find anything that would let me edit version strings. I saw a message from 1998 on a mailing list that someone wrote an OSAX that can do what I wanted but this person didn’t publicly release the scripting addition and I couldn’t find it elsewhere.

I went to bed at around 23:00, anticipating getting up early tomorrow since I have much to do before I leave.

2001-05-10, Thu (Day 423, temperature at 10:00: 25.6°C, difference: +0.6°C): I dreamed I was at home and I just got back from Swat a couple of days ago. I am sitting in the chair by the hallway that has been full of newspapers recently.

Now I am in LPAC Cinema although the seating layout is not an even arc. The split-level style found in Lang Concert Hall is found here. I sat higher up alone.

Later I am with my family on the Delaware River waterfront. I spot the new Liberty Electric power plant and the smokestacks are much shorter and slightly wider than at PECO’s Eddystone stations but they are already dirtier even though the Liberty plant is newer and natural gas burns cleaner than coal and oil. I also see a dock that is soon to be a bridge in Marcus Hook. Later on I am with Dad driving north on DE Route 1 in Delaware. The ground is flat or slightly inclined due to the highway and I see nothing but farmland. Dad and I talk about vacations.

Today, I got up at 08:00, 09:00, 10:00, and 11:40, staying up at the latest time. I went for a walk, ate at Sharples, and then went to Trotter at 13:30 for the Chinese Civ final at 14:00.

John, Jesse, and Tom went to dinner early but we ran into each other while in Sharples. I went to McCabe in the evening to study for the physiological psychology final tomorrow morning. Since I wouldn’t have the opportunity to sleep in tomorrow, I stopped early and took a brief break with my hall to drink cider. A water fight was in the midst of going on and my door was sprayed with water as an accidental consequence. It will dry but the stuff that Claire the RA put on there was smeared as it was printed with an inkjet.

2001-05-09, Wed (Day 422, temperature at 11:49: 25.0°C, difference: +0.2°C): The SCCS has been down since Monday afternoon but services were restored today. Everyone needed to change his or her password. Since going up to the Parrish 5th aviary would not be appealing to many, the SCCS set up times over the next few days in Parrish Parlors and Kohlberg Coffee Bar to change passwords from there. I spent the late afternoon and evening studying for Chinese Civ.

The last SWIL schlock movie was “Beastmaster 2,” which seemed corny in the beginning but improved somewhat as the movie continued.

2001-05-08, Tue (Day 421, temperature at 12:13: 24.8°C, difference: -0.8°C): I dreamed I was on a main road a couple of hours after sunrise in San Antonio, Texas and I need to go to a high school. I think I am with my mom although the character is more of a mom and not this or that person’s mom. The road is wide, straight, and long like the Coastal Highway in Ocean City, Maryland and a bus line also runs up this road. I recall seeing a string of telephone poles going off into the distance.

I was walking south on the east side of the road to get where I was going although I had 2.5 miles to go, as told by the mom. At my walking pace I wouldn’t be able to get there in time when the morning classes started. If I ran I could do it but mom recommended taking the bus, although we would have to ride north to the end of line and then go south but it still would be fast enough. Apparently we weren’t going to cross the street to catch the southbound bus immediately. It seemed like it was going to be one of those hot summer days.

I probably got the idea for this last dream from reading the LP News yesterday. I looked just long enough at a photo of people protesting on a road in Texas. The road was straight and stretched until the vanishing point. There were high telephone poles in the image.

In the late afternoon and early evening I studied for my Chinese Civ final in McCabe. I went to the Phoenix staff meeting at 20:30.

The Phoenix meeting lasted until just before the SWIL showing of the “Star Wars Holiday Special,” the second of three movies in the Schlock Film Festival. Tonight’s movie from 1978 was really bad, although fitting well with the festival’s title.

2001-05-07, Mon (Day 420, temperature at 13:19: 25.6°C, difference: -0.7°C): In real life the fire alarm went off at around 05:00 right before I was going to take a shower before going to bed. This event probably trigged my elevator dream since the Willets elevator resets when the fire alarm goes off. The elevator door opens and remains open on whatever floor it was on and the cab operation stops until the elevator is reset by facilities.

In my dream I get on the elevator at the third floor. However the door is already open, almost like the system tripped, but it took my call to the ground floor anyway even though it shouldn’t have. Apparently the other floor doors were open even though the elevator isn’t at all them the entire time, so each floor led to an open shaft. The cab door of the elevator shut properly when the cab was moving though.

A bunch of people got on at a floor in-between the ground and third floors. We got down to the ground floor but the elevator overshoots below and then to compensate overshoots above both just by a few meters but enough to be a big problem. This oscillation continues without dissipation. I realize this is going to go on forever, so I time the movement when I press the run/stop button to stop the elevator level with the ground floor and then press the door open button to get out. I wouldn’t be able to do this solution in real life in the Willets elevator since the run/stop button is keyed.

I sort of was able to see through the elevator door and cab to know when to stop the oscillation. It wasn’t a problem of knowing where in the shaft I was and since the oscillation was harmonic I could take the median of the amplitudes and that would be where the elevator should stop. So I didn’t really need to see exactly where I was. The problem was timing my actions so I could stop the elevator where I wanted to. There was a delay from when I pressed the stop button to when the elevator actually stopped. It took a few tries but I got it about half-accurate. I had to climb over the wall that is the ground floor and that was about half the height of the opening of the cab door. I got out but the other people in the elevator didn’t feel like doing that so they stayed behind.

Next, I walk towards the center area and now I am in the Springfield Mall. I was coming from the area where the Waldenbooks used to be at the northeast corner of the center area. The center area was vastly spread out as if maximizing retail space didn’t matter here. The brightly-lit atmosphere was wonderful: there was a mixture of water fountains, diagonal walkways, nice benches, people, and greenery. I saw a police officer and told him about the elevator problem. He said he would take care of it.

Today, I got up before my scheduled meeting with Rosaria at 13:30. Sharples lunch this mid-afternoon was not very great as there weren’t too many appealing options.

I wrote a lot in my journal this evening and started reading mail before the SWIL showing of “The Valley of Gwangi,” although I thought I was going to see “Future War.” “The Valley of Gwangi” was about the discovery of an area outside of town that had dinosaurs. The group managed to bring the t-rex into town but it breaks free and causes trouble.

After the movie I finished reading mail and went to bed after 04:00. I have been going to bed late enough times that 04:00 doesn’t seem that late anymore.

2001-05-06, Sun (Day 419, temperature at 09:26: 26.3°C, difference: -4.0°C): I dream that my room has the ceiling cut out above my bed and I can see the underside of the Willets roof all the way down the hall. The upper roof is slanted, much higher, and is full of red girders. The lights are on this higher roof and cuts are made into the lower ceiling for the light to shine through. There are about half a dozen incandescent lamps for each room, while in reality there is one fixture per room that contains three glow stick bulbs.

I am now at a performance hall. Elsewhere, I need to jump onto a slanted wooden ramp made of long boards that is about two stories below (the higher part on my left) after another woman does so. However, the definition of a story is about four times what it should be so the distance to the ramp is at least eight floors. The view I see is similar to the room in real life my family stayed in at the Washington D.C. Holiday Inn, which was near the Smithsonian Air and Space museum. We took this vacation around 1990. In my dream the woman lands fine, but part of me lands sooner on a windowsill in the general area of the higher part of the ramp and the other part (my head I think) lands on the ground much to the right not too far from a white radiator. I am ok though. I also wasn’t too afraid of falling that far as I knew I was going to reach a bottom.

This following dream I had after going back to bed at 08:00 but before I woke up after 09:15. The keyboard cable for my iMac also supplied air-conditioning for my room, which was in either Willets or Mertz. I am near Clothier with John, Jesse, and Tom and I need to trace the wire due to some unknown reason. I have the keyboard in my hands and I am standing on Field House Lane in front of Clothier. At this point I sit down and think that I should just get an Airport keyboard so I wouldn’t have to deal with the wire. I was partially blocking a driveway running by Clothier that I thought was infrequently used but a big dump truck comes by and I need to get out of the way.

I trace the wire, which is basically a clear or white USB cable, into the Clothier building. Now I am in the Paces kitchen. The layout of Tarble (inside Clothier) compared to real life is completely different and the kitchen is where the lobby is in real life. The line I am tracing becomes thicker and reaches an end to a 220-volt power plug that is not connected to the outlet. I talk with someone standing there about what’s going on and he said that this brown kiln needed the outlet and when they tried plugging the kiln into another 220 volt outlet while my plug was in they tripped a breaker. So we talk briefly about working something out since both services benefit the people of the campus community.

Today, I slept most of the morning and started working on the optical illusions web site in the afternoon but I kept falling asleep whenever I would start writing. This cycle continued until sometime after 15:00 and my pace improved then. The McCabe achievement awards dinner was this evening and on campus this year, in Upper Tarble. Cocktails started at 16:30. I left soon after that time. The group picture was taken at the base of the Clothier tower. The dinner was the 50th in history although the atmosphere of it was quiet.

I finished up the web site for Ed’s class in the evening although it took longer than I thought to make things look nice. As a result I didn’t get to bed until 05:30 and by then dawn had already set in.

2001-05-05, Sat (Day 418, temperature at 08:05: 30.3°C, difference: +0.7°C): I dream I am with my family and Dad is driving us up Broad Street in South Center City Philadelphia.

Now I am at the entrance by the movie theatre at the MacDade Mall. A Swarthmore student council member is talking about reservable student spaces that will be ready in the fall. They include a room in Kohlberg like the faculty lounge although the walls will be painted like a mural. The Parrish ballroom will also be reservable space but I was thinking about how did the space become uncondemned even though Parrish hasn’t been renovated yet. Anyway, after the Parrish renovation this level in real life will probably be converted into a mechanical level for the elevators. In real life the Clothier bell tower was open yesterday afternoon.

In order to maximize time, I got up at 08:00 today, did the wash in the morning and then did research in the afternoon for the web site project in cognitive science. I am going to look into optical illusions. While I was able to find a good number of web sites about them, finding sites that actually explained why the illusions occurred was more of a challenge. Also many pages made reference to this site named Illusion Works that was down.

I went to the 20:00 Directing 3 showing of “Mythology in Flux” at LPAC in the Frear. Soon after this performance, I went to DuPont 161 for the last movie committee showing in the old lecture hall. This summer the lecture hall and the math wing of DuPont will be demolished to make way for the new science center. I was trying to convince John, Jesse, and Tom to go but they had more of an attitude of good riddance to the supposedly garish room.

I sat down in the right section near the back since it was less crowded there. The movie shown was “Almost Famous,” which was a good 1970s movie. I didn’t feel like doing anything when I got back from the movie so I just went to bed.

2001-05-04, Fri (Day 417, temperature at 09:21: 29.6°C, difference: +1.5°C, last day of classes): After lunch I gathered research materials for set design research. It was easier to get books for certain designers more than others. I needed to request a few titles from Tripod as a result.

Upon heading back to McCabe I stopped by the Willets Carnival and grabbed some cookies. The grill was going as well as bands, but since I figured there were going to be burgers at the Phoenix barbecue tonight I didn’t get one although it turns out burgers weren’t served at the Phoenix barbecue.

It was really hot in the room this afternoon as the outside temperature matched the inside temperature. At 16:59 it was 32.9°C, and at 15:50 the iMac processor temperature was at 59°C although I believe this internal thermometer is only precise by four degrees as I have only seen 59, 55, 51, and 47°C.

This weekend has even more events than the weekend past. My planner for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday has something written on each line. I went to the Phoenix barbecue at 18:00 in the Mertz courtyard. I helped make shish-a-bobs. Doing this preparation was a fairly routine thing and I could vary what went on each stick. The general atmosphere of the barbecue was laid back and diverse.

I later sat down to eat although I also ate while I was working. I left at 19:45 so I could make it in time for the senior dance concert in LPAC theatre at 20:00. The concert was really good and lively. I felt even more independent, which is probably a good thing. After the concert I went to the North quad where the hoedown was taking place. There weren’t many people there although the atmosphere seemed nice. There was a petting zoo, food, and square dance music. Eight people partook in the dancing while I was there.

I went back to Willets for a bit and then went to Parrish beach to watch “Charlie’s Angels” at 23:00. “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” was shown at 21:00. Now I did look up the movie title “Charlie’s Angels” to see what it was before going and I thought I haven’t seen this movie before but in fact I have, on 2001-04-06, almost a month ago. I didn’t feel like staying at tonight’s showing but I did end up doing so since outdoor movies are rare now as drive-in theaters don’t exist anymore. The screen on Parrish beach was not too large although the sound was good and a DVD player was used to show the movie. It was nice to lay down on the beach and relax. Since I saw the movie already I could focus more on the foreshadowing present in the cinematography.

On walking back to Willets I ran into John and Tom who were at both movies, but I didn’t see them because I was sitting near the back.

2001-05-03, Thu (Day 416, temperature at 09:00: 28.1°C, difference: +1.4°C): This was the last day for my two psych classes.

I went for my walk after Allen’s class in the heat. After eating lunch I sort of relaxed in my room before going to Ed’s class. Papazian 324 was actually cool as the air conditioning had a chance to cool much of the room, the windows were shut, and the room was fairly dark.

I figured out where Sharples 3 is on campus and went to the dedication of the student art gallery to Professor Kaori Kitao. Sharples 3 is a nice building.

The Phoenix ed board and hiring meeting was tonight. Afterwards, I went to Beardsley public to make minor revisions to my classics paper.

2001-05-02, Wed (Day 415, temperature at 08:02: 26.7°C, difference: +2.8°C): I dream I am in the Lakeview School multi-purpose room and the room is full, with the seats in rows. I am at the front and the crowd sitting down later disperses. I tried to regain crowd attention by standing on a bench but suddenly a force raised me to the ceiling and I was able to touch the top stage curtain. The rows disappeared and people were talking in their groups again.

My group left down the main stairs but when we got to the first level, the stairs were now part of the main entrance of LPAC. Swarthmore related people were exiting from the lobby and they had the Admissions staff nametags on that are thick plastic with white text on a red background. I commented that it’s not often that the Ridley and Swat environments merge like this. Now I am in the parking lot with my group, which would be on the side of LPAC where the Crum woods are but the parking lot resembles an office park car lot.

Today, I sat down at lunch alone but Tom joined after I was mostly done. Jesse stopped by a period after that and John showed up soon too. We took our time so I didn’t get up to the office until well after 15:00.

Since this was the last Phoenix issue for the semester and Justin’s last issue as editor in chief, he wrote a farewell statement.

I didn’t finish doing the online edition until after 05:00 since the articles were so good and I spent some extra time reading them. However, now it feels silly that I transitioned into a schedule this semester that has me staying up late each week. Next semester I’m going to make use of the 17:00 deadline more and do more of the pages and art in the early evening instead of doing all of it at the end. Staying up late now is just too difficult.

2001-05-01, Tue (Day 414, temperature at 08:07: 23.9°C, difference: +0.8°C): I dreamed I got the chicken pox, although I didn’t know so until I looked in the mirror. I was going to go to Worth Health Center but I felt better rather quickly. Now I’m in the middle of Kirby watching a movie and the fire alarm goes off and people start to get ready to leave but the alarm stops.

Finally, I am at the MacDade Mall in front of where the dollar store is. The fire alarm goes off twice here too and the power goes out once as well, although the duration of all of this is very short. I remember seeing the full line of stores on the side of the mall furthest from the boulevard as all dark and black without the lights on. When the lights came back on, I looked to notice the Radio Shack metal front gate raise from about halfway. In real life I was told in the first half of 1999 that the power went out at the mall, the gates at Radio Shack closed, and apparently the generator didn’t work.

I finished revising my Chinese Civ paper in Beardsley public area after Ed’s class. I went up to the publications office at 22:30.

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