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Journal 2003-01

Current entries

2003-01-31, Fri (Day 773, temperature at 08:20: 23.9°C, difference: +0.4°C): I went to Cornell after lunch to finish my astronomy problem set. I went to the Sun lab at around 22:00 to do my CS21 assignment due tomorrow.

2003-01-30, Thu (Day 772, temperature at 08:15: 23.5°C, difference: 0.0°C): I finished reading the New York Times before 16:15 since I needed to go to Trotter 203 for a psych talk.

I went to the publications office at 19:00 for Phoenix ed board. The meeting ended at 21:00 so I went to pub night after then.

2003-01-29, Wed (Day 771, temperature at 08:00: 23.5°C, difference: +0.9°C): I dreamed I was thinking about moving into a more expensive but nicer place to live. I had already moved once.

I also dreamed I was trying to calculate from home what time I needed to leave so I could get a ride to high school and arrive on time. I came up with 07:35 for a 08:00 start. Note that in real life high school started at 07:45 although later on I needed to be there earlier for the TV Studio.

After CS 21 today I stayed in the lab a few extra minutes to finish writing a practice program that computes a running average of entered numbers. I went up to the publications office for the first Phoenix deadline at 17:00.

I didn’t leave the office until 20:30. I ate quickly in my room and then I realized I had a lot of work to do over the next two days so I went to the Sun lab to work on some of it from 21:35 to 22:00.

I spent the rest of the evening in the publications office with Dan, Luke, and Yavor. I left the office at about 02:00.

2003-01-28, Tue (Day 770, temperature at 08:00: 22.6°C, difference: +1.4°C): I dreamed I was taking an elevator up to the 22nd floor of a building on campus that is 23 floors in total. The building was located near Parrish. A few other people I knew were with me including my family. The elevator doors open before the cab lines up with the floor. The other people with me leave before the elevator raises fully to the floor level but I wait a few seconds for it to even out. Out on the 22nd floor we have a nice view of the skyline and the large ledge makes the height straight down not seem so great. The only apparent way to know we were at a height was that things on the ground appeared small.

After reading e-mail this morning and doing reading I went to environmental studies class, which is now almost half the size since it was split into two sections. The other section meets one day a week on Friday afternoons.

Back in my room I fell asleep before finishing my journal and since I wanted to be better rested for the rest of today I went to bed to take a nap. I woke up at about 16:00 and moved quickly to put my journal online and read the New York Times. I also prepped for astronomy lab tonight so I didn’t get to dinner until after 18:00.

I went to Sproul 300 soon before 20:00 for lab. I bundled up anyway for the outside even though the outdoor point of the lab would take place another night since it was cloudy.

The lab ended soon after 21:00 so I went to the Parrish CRC to watch President Bush’s State of the Union address. SPAC sponsored the event. The speech lasted somewhat past 22:00. I did more reading for class late this evening and went to bed at about 02:00.

2003-01-27, Mon (Day 769, temperature at 08:00: 21.2°C, difference: -1.1°C): I dreamed that car headlights at night were reflecting into my window since the circle by Parrish was much closer to my window.

After reading the New York Times this afternoon I did prep for class tomorrow. Part of it included filling out a survey for psych.

I read Swatmail in the evening and did the weekly web request log rotation. I went to the publications office for a 22:00 Phoenix mini ed board meeting. Afterwards I went to Beardsley computer lab to print readings out for tomorrow.

2003-01-26, Sun (Day 768, temperature at 12:37: 22.3°C, difference: +1.1°C): I briefly got up at 08:00 but I felt tired so I just slept until I felt like getting up. I started four hours later and went to lunch. In the afternoon I did my first Astro problem set in Cornell. The front door of Cornell is now open, which is accessible via a door between Cornell and Martin. The doors to the new science center are really hard to open. I worked on the problem set on the Cornell lower level, which looks about the same as it did my freshman year except for the compact shelving on that floor.

After leaving Cornell I walked through the other two floors of the part of the science center that is open. The primary method of getting to the other floors is by the elevator, which has intermediate levels for the unopened science commons. The lower level of the Cornell addition seems odd to me since it just contains bathrooms and mechanical rooms. An obvious connection to the Cornell library would make going to the bathroom in the library less of a hassle since in the library the bathroom is on the second floor.

The part of the science center that is open still has an unfinished feel to it with missing pieces of wall coverings and some exposed ceilings.

2003-01-25, Sat (Day 767, temperature at 08:01: 21.2°C, difference: +1.8°C): I went to check the weather this morning via weather.com and I was surprised to find the Internet was still down. I could still access sites on Tri-co but nothing else. I got change from Parrish to do the laundry, which I did this morning. While doing the laundry I looked at the LAN switch in the basement rack and it seemed correct that none of the individual jacks were displaying any activity but this orange light for the entire unit which normally flashes occasionally was flashing steadily.

I finished the laundry at 12:00 and went to lunch. The afternoon was far less productive. I started reading the New York Times but fell asleep a few times. My family stopped by to drop stuff off. They told me that there was a virus going around the Internet and that’s why it was down. Previously I thought a large piece of the Swarthmore network failed that was not controlled by Yipes!, the ISP.

I saw that a SCCS sysadmin was in the media lounge in Clothier so I went over there to get something done with The Phoenix Online. The Internet came back up when I was about to leave the media lounge. The report on the problem was that a bug in the Microsoft SQL Server was causing a DDOS on the Internet backbone.

I did some more reading about the attack before dinner. I went with Jeremy and Kai for a ramen party with Kiyo in Dana. Following that we played Super Mario Kart in the Dana lower level lounge until after 22:00.

I read more about the Internet slowdown in my room before going with Kai to Blair’s birthday party after 23:30 in the WRC. We got back after 01:00.

2003-01-24, Fri (Day 766, temperature at 08:00: 19.4°C, difference: -1.8°C): All of my three classes this morning broke into small groups, which I thought was interesting that they all did that the same day considering none of them had done that before. I stayed in the Sun lab in Sproul, where my CS 21 class is located, to finish the homework assignment this week.

The project started during class and my partner thought it was better to just stay through lunch to finish. We finished two simple programs that convert temperatures between Fahrenheit and Celsius. We left the Sun lab by 14:00 and I went to get my newspapers and then went to lunch.

Late this afternoon I got my journal online and read the New York Times. I went to dinner after 18:00. I went with Jesse to the first showing of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” in LPAC Cinema at 19:30. There were no projector failures. The movie was fairly crowded in part that even though the work this week was rather numerous in quantity the entertainment this weekend is not in proportion to the work quantity.

I got my Swatmail caught up later this evening and I was going to read my other mail accounts but the Internet just went down so I went to bed.

2003-01-23, Thu (Day 765, temperature at 08:01: 21.2°C, difference: -0.7°C): The psych decision making course now meets in Kohlberg 116 instead of Parrish 370. I fell asleep for a good part of this afternoon when writing my journal. When I woke up at 16:00 I needed to do a bunch of things quite quickly. I put yesterday’s journal entry online and sent an e-mail with a quick critique of this week’s Phoenix, which as an ed board member I was asked to do. By this time it was 17:00 so I quickly read today’s New York Times and went to dinner.

I went to the Phoenix ed board meeting at 19:30. After the meeting I put two articles online that didn’t go up last night.

I then went directly to Paces for pub night. Jell-O shots were in hot demand and while I missed getting one the first time I saw them out I did get one the next time more were put out. The beer ran out by 22:30 and tons of people were still streaming in. Hard lemonade was offered in replacement but that ran out in short time also. Even though there was no alcohol left it took a while for people to leave. I left for Wharton before 23:00. I wrote a long e-mail to the Phoenix web staff with an updated project list, took a shower, and went to bed at around 02:00.

2003-01-22, Wed (Day 764, temperature at 08:00: 21.9°C, difference: +0.6°C): After putting yesterday’s journal online I did not have much time left to read the New York Times. I had to page through the paper by the time it got to 17:00.

I went to the publications office to meet Dan, Luke, and Yavor for the first Phoenix deadline. Within the first few minutes of arriving in the office I managed to crash Sideshow Bob and then it gave a blinking question mark at startup. I needed to run Norton Utilities off of a CD to fix the problem.

Meanwhile I realized that a number of scripts needed for the Phoenix issue were still located on my computer so I copied them to the Phoenix volume. A few days ago I moved the primary local copy of The Phoenix Online from my computer’s startup partition to the Phoenix volume on Milhouse. The intent was to remove my computer from the weekly workflow. I then noticed I needed to edit the paths in a number of scripts to point to the new location. My work pace became rushed since I needed to have the scripts ready by the time other web staff members needed to use them, which would be shortly.

I managed to get two scripts working in time but I was a little late in updating a third one. I also introduced another bug in the conversion process with the third script that I would need to manually fix afterward.

The new upload script was still on Spare A, which wasn’t mounted so I couldn’t bring that in yet. The early edition was up soon after 19:00 and we left the office shortly after then. I ate dinner in my room and then went to Beardsley to write up two things due for psych class tomorrow.

I left Beardsley soon after 22:00 to Parrish for the second Phoenix deadline. I had another web staff member do what I normally worked on last semester, putting online select page PDFs, running the image script, and doing the front page.

I was still busy getting the upload script to work and getting the random article link script implemented. Yavor e-mailed the final version of the script to me but since Swatmail was down Yavor had to use another method to get the script to me.

I implemented the random article script by 02:30. I also needed to figure out an alternate means of sending out the headlines e-mail since Swatmail remained down.

I tried sending the message via Yahoo! but doing it that way forced me to split the e-mail list in half and even after doing that it would only let me send out the first group. I got a warning about exceeding my send limit for the hour on sending the second group.

I used my trucksess.com e-mail address to send out the second batch. I forgot then but I would have been unable to add incoming subscription and unsubscription requests to the headlines e-mail list since I couldn’t get into Swatmail. I was about two days behind in reading my Swarthmore e-mail.

I didn’t leave the publications office until after 03:00.

2003-01-21, Tue (Day 763, temperature at 08:30: 21.3°C, difference: -1.1°C): After eating breakfast I went to my first class meetings of Environmental Studies 2 in Hicks and then Psych 49 in Parrish. The psych course is about decision making. While the environmental course is intended to be a discussion-based course more than 25 people showed up.

The psych class was in Parrish 370, a large classroom directly under the student publications office. Barry Schwartz is teaching this class. He told us to keep a decision diary over the next two days. I started recording decisions after lunch and continued throughout the day.

Following lunch I bought the books I needed from today’s classes. I only needed to buy one book from the bookstore since most of the readings were online.

In the later afternoon I read the New York Times and then put yesterday’s journal entry online. I got to dinner after 18:00 since things this afternoon took longer than expected to complete.

I went to the Beardsley computer lab later in the evening to print out my class readings for this semester. It took several hours to do this since art history and psychology had more than 30 readings each to print out. I left Beardsley when it was scheduled to close at 02:00 and finished stapling my readings in Wharton.

2003-01-20, Mon (Day 762, temperature at 08:05: 22.4°C, difference: -0.2°C): I got up at 08:00 and then went to breakfast at 08:30 before my 09:30 class. Art history 1 in Beardsley was first. Following that was Astro 3 and then CS 21.

By the time I got out of CS 21 it was far enough into lunch where I figured that it would be hard to find a seat so I went to the bookstore to see if the line was ok. I got to the entryway of the bookstore and I saw a line nearly fifteen deep so I promptly left and went to lunch.

After lunch I went to check my mail with Jeremy and pick up my Oregonian newspapers over the past week. I then went to buy books for today’s classes. I also picked up the New York Times.

I read today’s New York Times this afternoon before dinner and left it in the lounge when I was done. In the early evening I got my journal up to date.

I went up to the publications office at 22:00 thinking there was a Phoenix mini ed board meeting but in fact there was not. I did the weekly web request log rotation and went to bed at about 01:00.

2003-01-19, Sun (Day 761, temperature at 09:07: 22.6°C, difference: -0.5°C): During winter break I spent almost two weeks writing an AppleScript to synchronize directories. I also managed to fully read one Oregonian. I did not get to pack any boxes for storage. I did drive around Delaware County though. The last week of break I participated in an externship with Lucid Tech Solutions in Swarthmore. Lucid is a computing consulting firm with clients in the Swarthmore area and in Philadelphia.

I returned to campus on Saturday afternoon and soon got sick. My family felt ill earlier that week. I threw up after eating a yogurt at around dinner so I slept until 09:00 Sunday morning. I reasoned that I was short on sleep from getting up early for the externship the prior week.

At around 10:00 I walked up to Parrish to turn on the computers in the student publications office. I then went back to bed until about 15:00. I put my clothes away sometime after then, which I started out to do about 24 hours ago but I began to feel ill then. I went to Sharples for dinner at 17:00 and ate with Jesse.

I took a shower after dinner and then went to the publications office at 20:00 for an ed board meeting and then had a web staff meeting at 21:30. One web staff member was unable to attend. Everyone else came late. The meeting ended after 22:30.

I took another shower and went to bed before 01:00.

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